Undergraduate Students

Obtaining an Account

Enrolled Ontario High School Students

Students who are currently enrolled at an Ontario high school will receive their Central Login Account information with their registration package once they have accepted their offer of admission. 

Please note: Central Login Account is required to add courses via WebAdvisor.

All Other Applicants

All Other Applicants should receive their Central Login Account information within weeks of the Admissions office receiving the application for admission. For further information or questions please email webadv@registrar.uoguelph.ca including either your OUAC ID or your U of G student ID. 

Please note: As an undergraduate student, you have access to other IT services such as: D2L and WebAdvisor.

Account Deletion

U of G undergraduate student accounts will be deleted one year after graduation.

Student accounts will also be deleted:

  • Following two years of inactivity for undergraduate students.
  • Following two semesters of inactivity for graduate students. 
  • At the end of the attending semester for students attending U of G on a Letter of Permission.

You will be notified by email approximately two weeks prior to your Central Login account being deleted. 

If you have important emails, files or other information you wish to preserve, please backup your data before the targeted deletion date. For information on how to backup your Office 365 account data, please see https://www.uoguelph.ca/ccs/backup-your-office-365-data. If you have signed up for third-party services using your U of G email address or used it as your recovery email for a third-party service, please change your contact information with the third-party service before the targeted deletion date.

If you would like to request an extension to your account deletion date, or if your account has already been deleted and you require access to your account data, please contact the CCS Help Centre at 58888help@uoguelph.ca or 519-824-4120 x 58888. Please note that these requests are evaluated on an individual basis. Account data is available up to 30 days after the deletion date. 

If you believe you are still eligible for an account, please contact the CCS Help Centre at 58888help@uoguelph.ca or 519-824-4120 x 58888. 

For students who have graduated but have not yet attended an in-person convocation ceremony as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University requires alternate contact information to keep you informed about these plans. Please keep your contact information up to date with Alumni Affairs and Development by visiting https://alumni.uoguelph.ca/connect/update-your-contact-information.

Should you require further assistance, please contact the CCS Help Centre at 58888help@uoguelph.ca or 519-824-4120 x 58888.