Accessing Office 365

Accessing via the Web (OWA)

After your Gryph Mail account has been migrated to Office 365, you will be able to access your email, calendar and all additional Office 365 features through a web browser using the following URL . This is the same URL that you previously used to access your Gryph Mail and all other office programs, which means that your current bookmarks and links will continue to work. You will still be able to access your Office 365 Gryph Mail from the link on the University of Guelph web home page, or by going to this URL

Accessing via Desktop (Outlook Desktop Client)

If you prefer to manage your email, calendar, contacts and tasks in a desktop email client (such as Microsoft Outlook), you will be able to configure your preferred desktop email client to connect to your Office 365 account. For more information for configuration, visit our Desktop Email Client Configuration support page.

OWA vs Outlook Desktop Client

App Feature Outlook Web App Outlook Desktop Client
Mail Pin emails to the top of your inbox Yes No
  Change category colour Yes Yes
  Change category name No Yes
  Send later feature No Yes
  Multiple email signatures No Yes
  Filter options Yes Yes, more options
  Collapse email according to date No Yes
  Access to multiple email accounts at once No Yes
  Access to Groups Yes Only mail & calendar
Calendar Copy and paste calendar events No Yes (not for Mac)
Tasks Delay task reminders No Yes
People Share contact lists No Yes


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Accessing Office 365 Services using a Mobile Device

With Office 365, you have improved mobile integration and can access Office 365 services on the go. To access your email, calendar and contacts from your mobile device, you can either configure your built in mail application to connect to your Office 365 account or you can download the Outlook Mobile App (for iOS, Android or Windows Phone). The Outlook Mobile App allows provides users with the option to manage their mail, calendar, contacts and files all within one easy to use app. 

To learn how to configure your mobile device to access Office 365, please visit our Mobile Device Email Configuration support page.


Accessibility in Office 365

Office 365 works with screen readers, speech recognition tools, and keyboard shortcuts. When using the Office 365 portal or any of the Office Online applications, you can also use the accessibility features built in to your web browser. Visit the Accessibility in Office 365 page on the Microsoft Support website for additional information regarding accessibility features in Office 365.


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