Migration Information

Updated: January 23, 2017

Welcome to the project page for the University of Guelph's undergraduate student migration to Microsoft Office 365. We are excited about this initiative!

This project launched in January 2017 with planned completion for June 2017. 

This page outlines the project itself. For more information about Office 365 and to access training and support resources, please visit the CCS Office 365 website. Please note that the Office 365 website was originally created for the 2016 staff, faculty and graduate student migration to Office 365. We are actively working to add additional content to assist you in this migration.

Please note: if you are new student and have recently been issued an Office 365 email account (ending in @uoguelph.ca), your account will NOT be migrated and this information is not applicable to you.  

Questions or concerns about this migration? Email CCS at 58888help@uoguelph.ca.

This project will migrate all undergraduate email accounts from Gmail to Office 365. It will enable all of U of G to be on one email and calendaring system, and will accomodate the collaboration needs of students with faculty, staff and TAs.

Please note that your email address will change from an @mail.uoguelph.ca address to an @uoguelph.ca address. All emails sent to your @mail.uoguelph.ca address will be automatically forwarded to your new email address.

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Why Office 365?

Office 365 was selected as the best solution for U of G email and calendaring for a number of reasons. For faculty, staff and graduate students who moved from Zimbra to Office 365 in 2016, the many user benefits included the following:

  • Ease of use
  • Reliable integration with mobile devices
  • Enchanced security
  • Hosted in a Canadian data Centre
  • Enhanced collaboration and document sharing capabilities
  • 50 GB of email with unlimited OneDrive space.

For undergraduate students, there are also significant benefits:

  • Single University email system
  • Easier collaboration between students, professors and other teaching staff
  • Simplified document sharing via OneDrive
  • Free Office 2016 on all your devices during your time at U of G
  • Online access from anywhere Microsoft productivity suite

For more information on Office 365, please visit the CCS Office 365 website

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Steering Committee

CCS has formed a Steering Committee made up of stakeholders from across campus. This Committee will help to guide decisions throughout this process and ensure various viewpoints are considered.

Steering Committee members include: 

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Pre-Migration Information

The migration of all Gmail data (emails) will be done in-house by CCS with no action required from the undergraduate students. Students will be responsible for migrating the data contained in their calendars, contacts and Google Drive files. Simple and clear documentation will be provided to support students in the migration of these materials. CCS will be sending out periodic emails as this project progresses and will keep you informed of the required steps.

NOTE: Please be wary of phishing scams during this time and understand that U of G will NEVER ask for your password. For information on how to recognize a phishing scam, please visit the phishing information on the CCS website.  

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The CCS Information Security (InfoSec) team conducted a thorough investigation into the security of Office 365 as a campus-wide email and calendar solution. The results were very positive and in line with the University's strong security posture. If you have any questions or concerns about the security of Office 365, please contact the InfoSec team at infosec@uoguelph.ca.

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Project launch: January 23, 2017

Targeted completion date: June 17, 2017.

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