Windows Mail App Configuration

/!\ NOTE: CCS does not provide support for configuration or use of Windows Mail App as an email client. For support for Windows Mail, please refer to Microsoft Support.

By connecting Windows Mail to Office 365, you will have access to your Email, Calendar and Contacts. It behaves the same way as an account that is configured using EAS (Exchange Active Sync). 

To set your Windows Mail App please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the "Start Button".
  2. Click the "Mail" icon or type "Mail" in the search bar adjacent to the "Start Button".Visualization of the "Mail" icon.
  3. Click "Getting Started". Visualization of the "Getting Started" window.
  4. Click "Add Account".Visualization of the "Add Account" window.
  5. Select "Exchange".Visualization of the "Exchange" option.
  6. Enter your email ( under "Email address", then check "next". Visualization of field for entering your email address.
  7. You will see "We're looking for your account settings".
  8. When you are prompted, enter your password (central ID Password). Visualization of the log in window.
  9. In the "Add this account to Windows?" window, click "Skip for now". Visualization of the above instruction.
  10. In the "Make my PC more secure" window click "Enforce these policies". Visualization of the "Enforce these policies" button.
  11. You will see "All Done!", make sure you click "Done". Visualization of the "All done!" window.
  12. Your Email account is all set up! 

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