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Dear Applicant,

 Thanks for your response and sorry for my late reply, My name is
Anderson Kena , I'm a business entrepreneur, a human capital investor
and philanthropist maintaining established business relationship with
diverse companies within and across the Globe. My recent engagement
and subsequent business expansion necessitates the role of a Personal
Assistant who will help leverage my work load in order to ensure
timely delivery of services and attendance to matters of concern and
as such eschew excess backlogs and unattended briefs.

 The sensitivity of this position warrants the holder to be upright,
responsive, accountable, trustworthy, emphatic, persevering, honest
and willingly ready to go an extra mile. Basic wage is $300.00 per
week, I tend to have a very busy schedule at moment, please note that
this position is not office based for now due to my frequent travels
at the moment. It's a part-time work from home for now. I'm currently
away for some property survey in the North America Caribbean Island
Puerto Rico, Europe and Kuala-Lumpur Malaysia. I'll be back in three
weeks time. I need an assistant to handle things for me on the home
front while away on business trips which is habitually quite often. I
need someone who can be able to manage calendar, appointments,
meetings, and reminders, receive calls/ at specific times, book
appointment & Flight reservation and shopping office materials which
funds to do that will be provided for you.

 This is just an explanatory message, as time goes on we should be
able to arrange a proper meeting upon my arrival in few weeks time. I
do have a number of things you could help me with next week if you
will be within reach for me. If you're interested in the offer, this
could act as a good start to our working consanguinity.


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