Preparing the Test Scoring Service Request Form and Test Sheets

There is one service request form:

There are three types of test sheets:

  • Test Scoring Header Sheet (completed by the instructor)
  • Answer Key Sheet (completed by the instructor)
  • Answer Sheet (completed by the students)


Note: All test sheets must be completed using a #2 HB pencil.

Test Scoring Service Request Form

Sample:  Request for Test Scoring Service

Notes: Please see the reverse side of the form for instructions on how to complete the form.

Test Scoring Header Sheet 

Sample: Front View

Note:  One sheet is required for each section of a test.

You can leave the sheet blank.  However, we recommend that you complete  these three fields because they will appear in the reports from the Test Scoring System:

  • Instructor’s Name
  • Test Name
  • Test Date

Answer Key Sheet

Sample: How to Complete an Answer Sheet.

Note: One sheet is required for each section of the test.

This is the same sheet students use to provide their answers. Because the sheet is also used by students to supply their answers, the field names printed on the form do not properly indicate how they are interpreted by the scanning service when the sheet is used as the Answer Key. All fields below are required.

Field Name Uses for Field Details Example
Student ID Number Specifying the number of questions on the test.

Column 1 - indicate “0”

Column 2 - indicate "1"

Leave columns 3, 4 blank

Columns 5 to 7 - indicate a 3-digit number which corresponds to the number of questions (for example, enter 012 if there are 12 questions on the test.)

 01  012
E-Mail ID Specifying the instructor's Central Login ID
This is the name that proceeds the @ symbol in the instructor’s University of Guelph email address.

Please ensure this information is accurate as an email notification will be sent to this ID when the job is scanned. As well, when a person logs into the Online Test Scoring System with the ID specified in this area of the form they will have access to the test’s data.

E-Mail ID Specifying the name for the file that will contain the results of the scan.

Leave one space after the Instructor’s Central Login ID, then enter the file name.

The filename should start with a letter, contain only letters and numbers, and not exceed 10 characters in length.


Answers Section


Shade in the correct answer for each question in your test. Note that there can only be one correct answer for each question.   

Answer Sheet


  • Remind students that there must be only one answer for each question. If more than one answer is detected, the answer will be considered incorrect.
  • Remind students to complete this form with a #2 HB pencil. Forms completed in pen cannot be scanned.
  • Remind students to ensure their Student ID is entered correctly.