Gryph Forms Deployment

Last updated: May 1, 2018

Project Status & Timelines

The service is expected to be launched in July 2018.

Getting Started

A critical step to developing a sound Gryph Forms solution is to clearly document what you need the solution to do.  Documentation is key for developing a successful solution and for supporting and maintaining the solution in the future.

While you are waiting for the launch of Gryph Forms, we highly recommend that you begin documenting your needs. CCS has developed a suggested framework to help you get started.

Support & Training
CCS is working with the vendor to publish a series of online training videos for the campus at no cost, which will showcase core fundamentals of the software to provide baseline training.


Project Phase Estimated Start Time Estimated End Time Status
Gather Requirements Aug 2015 Oct 2015 Completed
Post RFI & develop business case Oct 2015 Dec 2015 Completed
Write and post RFP & select solution Feb 2016 October 2016 Completed -
December 2016
Negotiations Jan 2017 Feb 2017 Completed -
April 2017
Development Implement May 2017 Dec 2017 Completed - November 2017
Production Implementation Jan 2018 Jun 2018 In progress
Production Launch Jul 2018    

Project Goal

The University has identified a business need for a centralized, campus-wide solution for automating workflow processes, which includes digital approvals, document routing, and electronic forms (eForms).  As part of this initiative, Computing and Communication Services (CCS), the University’s central IT department on campus, is leading this initiative on behalf of the campus community in identifying and implementing a suitable process workflow and eForms solution. 

Key project objectives include:

  • to improve efficiency and collaboration among external and internal users through a central, standardized solution
  • provide a self-service platform so that departments and users have the ability to deliver their own forms and workflow solutions (for example develop an automated workflow, organize digital assets, create and maintain forms)
  • integration with existing and upcoming University systems

Project Background

In winter 2015, business analysis efforts began to identify, document and validate requirements with respect to the business need for a campus-wide document management and process workflow (DMPW) solution for the University of Guelph.  This work led to a Request for Information (RFI) in summer 2015. In fall 2015, Office 365 was selected as the new campus email solution. Office 365 includes SharePoint, which provides document management capabilities (among many other functionalities). Based on the requirements gathered from the business analysis efforts, SharePoint was assessed as meeting most, if not all, of the needs identified for a document management system.  However, SharePoint on its own does not meet the requirements for an eForms or workflow solution, a 3rd party add-on would be required to have a comprehensive solution.  As a result, in winter 2016 a decision was made by CCS management to create two projects:  1) SharePoint deployment); and 2) start Request for Proposal process to select an eForms and process workflow solution (this project).