Question - application for a Professor position

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Date sent:                  Fri, 4 Oct 2019

From:                       Fake Name <>

Subject:                    Question - application for a Professor position








I am interested to apply to your University for a Professor


May I ask you to provide me with an email address for your human

resources officer as well as the Dean of faculty/academic director


are in charge of the faculty recruitment process? Thank you very


for your support indeed.



Best regards



This is a phishing email that may not be immediately obvious, as you may believe that this person is legitimately interested in a job at the university, but they may just be phishing for information that may not be accessible apart from you telling them. If your work does not involve recruitment and you are not part of that process this should be a message that you ignore and delete. If you are ever unsure of a message, please feel free to send it to