Recent Scams and Phishing Attempts

The online safety and security of the University of Guelph community is our top priority. One of the most common methods for cyber criminals to access your personal information is through email phishing scams, where they attempt to lure you into clicking on a link or opening an attachment, try to convince you to share your identity information (e.g. passwords), or try to infect your system with malware.

If you receive a suspected a phishing attempt:

  1. Do not respond or open any links in the email until you have confirmed it is safe.
  2. Check the list of recent scams and phishing attempts below.
  3. If the message you received is not the list, please tell us. Forward the message to the CCS Help Centre at 

New Message

Message Content

 English version *** La version française suit ***

 The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) sent you new mail online called:
 Notice of assessment View My Message
This mail may require your attention.
 If you have My Account, log in and click on "View mail" to read your mail.
 This is an automated email message. Please do not reply.
 Version française *** The English version precedes ***



Message Content

Good Morning,
 I am trying to set up an E-Transfer in the amount of $1,950 for maintenance services, also i will have to visit the bank to set it up as we don't E-transfers or pay bills online as we have a 2 signature account, i would like to know if you can initiate the E-transfer from your personal account and put it a request for reimbursement. Let me know so i can send you necessary details.
 Fernanda Peyronel

Work Online

Message Content

Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 Corona Virus across the Country, we have decided to offer a Work Online From Home Job with a pay of $500 weekly, please respond with your direct cell number and Non Edu email where job description can be forwarded to.



Message Content


I hope you’re having a good time, I need a quick favor from you.


Message Content

Dear user,
This is to notify you for the final time that we have stopped processing incoming emails on your account

#HC01155-22102020 RPF

Message Content

Please find attached Request for Proposal  #HC01155-22102020
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
Please send a reply e-mail to acknowledge receipt of this RFP. 
Thank You.

Your Bank account will be placed on hold

Message Content 

This is to let you know you have to update your account information within the next 24 hours in order to protect it.

Your (Bank Name) Bank account will be placed on hold, and we will limited your access to your online banking if you fail to update your account information.


Personal Assistant Position

Message Content

Dear Applicant,

 Thanks for your response and sorry for my late reply, My name is
Anderson Kena , I'm a business entrepreneur, a human capital investor
and philanthropist maintaining established business relationship with
diverse companies within and across the Globe. My recent engagement
and subsequent business expansion necessitates the role of a Personal
Assistant who will help leverage my work load in order to ensure