Recent Scams and Phishing Attempts

The online safety and security of the University of Guelph community is our top priority. One of the most common methods for cyber criminals to access your personal information is through email phishing scams, where they attempt to lure you into clicking on a link or opening an attachment, try to convince you to share your identity information (e.g. passwords), or try to infect your system with malware.

If you receive a suspected a phishing attempt:

  1. Do not respond or open any links in the email until you have confirmed it is safe.
  2. Check the list of recent scams and phishing attempts below.
  3. If the message you received is not the list, please tell us. Forward the message to the CCS Help Centre at 

New Phishing Email - "Update!!!"

Message Content

We noticed that  your email account has been outdated Your   account has been placed on temporary block,  it would be permanently blocked if you do not unblock within 48hours.


Urgent Reply 15.10

Message Content

I would like to know if you can process an international transfer to United kingdom today?

 Let me know so I can send the bank details for the transfer



 Jon xxxx


An Error in your SMTP/POP settings is blocking incoming mails

Message Content

Sent: June 15, 2018 8:17 PM
Reply to:
Subject: An Error in your SMTP/POP settings is blocking incoming mails


This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

More than 5 incoming messages could not be delivered to your inbox over 24 hours.

The following address(es) failed: READ Your Undelivered Messages On Server  Login Here

Package for you

Message Content

Subject:  Package for you

This messаge was sеnt tо yоu at thе rеquеst of Soul Technologies to nоtify you thаt thе shipment infоrmаtiоn below hаs bеen trаnsmitted to UРS. Thе physiсаl раckagе mаy or mаy nоt have actually beеn tеndеred tо UРS for shiрment. You can reschedule delivery by arriving to the closest Canada Post office branch with the printed delivery invoice specified below.