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Good Morning,
 I am trying to set up an E-Transfer in the amount of $1,950 for maintenance services, also i will have to visit the bank to set it up as we don't E-transfers or pay bills online as we have a 2 signature account, i would like to know if you can initiate the E-transfer from your personal account and put it a request for reimbursement. Let me know so i can send you necessary details.
 Fernanda Peyronel


In this case, spammer is trying to trick user to send money creating sense of urgency and tricking the user to e-transfer funds to the cyber criminals account. Always following safe email practices and closely check the sender of any messages you receive. Please DO NOT click the link or provide your user credentials or perform any transaction. Please report all suspected phishing messages by contacting the CCS Help Centre at or at x58888