Connecting Multiple Devices

This page contains information on how to go about connecting multiple devices to ResNet.

  • Devices that we allow in residence
  • Devices that we do not allow in residence

Ethernet Adapters

Ethernet/Network adapters are for connecting devices that do not have ethernet ports. You can purchase Ethernet adapters from any major electronics store.USB adapter

  • Windows
    • To use an adapter, simply plug it in to your device's USB slot and then put your ethernet cord in the connector. If you're using a Windows machine, it should automatically detect any software that needs to be installed for the adapter to work. 
  • Mac
    • If you're using a Macbook Air or new Macbook, your device will not have an ethernet port. You will need Apple's proprietary Thunderbolt adapter for your device, as regular USB adapters will not work. You can find out more about these connectors and buy one on Apple's website
  • Other Devices - Gaming Consoles & TV's
    • If your device is WPA2 Enterprise compliant and it has a web browser to login you can try to connect it to our wireless network. For devices that are not WPA2 Enterprise compliant, you will need to plug it into the network jack in your room. There are a lot of devices that have adapters and ways of getting them connected using a wired connection, like the one provided in your residence room. Devices such as iPads, Surface Tablets, etc. all have ways of getting connected through a wired connection, you'll just have to do some searching on the internet.


Ethernet switch

A Switch is the device that CCS recommends for connecting multiple devices to ResNet. What a switch allows you to do is gain access to multiple ethernet ports by simply extending the singular port provided in your residence. 

Note: Switches do not provide wireless internet (WiFi).

Follow these simple steps to connect a switch to your ResNet:

  1. Purchase a Switch. These can be found at all major electronic stores.
    • Note: Make sure to ask specifically for a Switch, not a router!
  2. Using an Ethernet cable, plug one end into the port on the wall in your residence room, and the other end into one of the available ports in the switch itself.
  3. Now you can plug in multiple devices using the switch's additional ports.
    • Note: You will need additional ethernet cables for each device you want to connect to ResNet.


The use of personal wireless routers in residences is prohibited, as they interfere with the signal of the University provided access points.

A list of supported residences can be seen here.

Unfortunately, to provide you with the best wireless security we can not support the use of routers in any residences with the exception of West Residence. This means that wireless printers will need to be plugged directly into your computer, and any device that does not support the WPA2 secure protocol and can’t join UofG’s wireless network, will require a direct connection via ethernet cord.