Return to Campus IT Guidelines

Executive Summary

This document outlines a safety plan for (CCS) IT staff following a return to campus during or after the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan is specific to the Guelph campus location and follows guidelines and principles as outlined by the province of Ontario and the University's Return to Campuses website.



As guidance from the government, health units, and University policies may be revised, this guideline is subject to change at any time. For up to date information please consult the websites listed in the "References" section above.

Phased Approach

During the current phase, the University of Guelph continues to prioritize physical distancing. Access to the Guelph campus remains limited to those approved to be on campus.

CCS staff able to work from home are asked to continue to do so. Please do NOT come to campus unless you are conducting approved and essential work.

The University's executive team, the Office of Research, andthe Return-to-Campuses steering committees are undertaking ongoing risk assessments and will announce future phases, as they become necessary or feasible.

Please refer to the Return to Campuses website for up to date information.

CCS Principles

When there are no alternatives to allow work to be done remotely, CCS Team Members may be required to be on campus for provision of service.

Examples of scenarios where employees must be on campus include, but are not limited to:

  • Receipt of equipment from clients for purposes of repair (computers, telephone, etc.) 
  • Delivery of new equipment to clients and receipt of old equipment or loaned equipment 
  • Receiving of new equipment 
  • Staging and configuration of new equipment for release to production 
  • Shipping of equipment for repairs or for vendor returns 
  • Infrastructure failures requiring hardware replacement 
  • New installations: network jacks, switches, servers etc. 
  • Assisting clients with office rearrangement and relocation involving endpoint computers 
  • Processing of scantron jobs

If CCS staff has to come on-site to perform essential work they are governed by these principles:

  • CCS Team Members will minimize their on-campus activity as much as possible.
  • CCS Team Members will follow all appropriate safety precautions in accordance with: 
    • Provincial legislation and guidelines 
    • Wellington County by-laws and guidelines 
    • Wellington County Public Health policies and guidelines 
    • University of Guelph policies and guidelines.

More information and guidelines are provided below. 

Covid-19 Prevention Measures

Remember to follow these important practices: wash your hands often. Stay 2 metres apart. Wear a face covering (non-medical mask). Cover your coughs and sneezes. Stay home if you are sick. Get screened.Mandatory Training

Prior to returning to work on campus, all employees must complete the online COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Awareness module in CourseLink. This is described at

Daily Screening

Every day, before you come to a U of G space, please complete the U of G's COVID-19 Screening Form. If you have symptoms or if the tool indicates you should seek medical attention or isolate, do NOT come to campus. Please go for testing at your closest COVID-19 assessment centre.

Please refer to the Return to Campuses website for up to date information.

Self-declaration of employee illness

If you are requesting to be absent from work, or in the case of a remote work arrangement, are unable to perform your duties, due to any self-isolation period or illness related absence as a result of COVID-19 please complete this form.

CCS staff who are sick or self-isolating must also contact their Manager, Chair, or Division Head to inform them of their absence.

At this time, employees are not required to provide a doctor's note or medical certificate for cold or flu-related absences, or for self-isolation due to COVID-19. For more information see the University of Guelph's Official COVID-19 webpage.  

Reporting of concerns and hazards

Employees should report safety concerns and hazards to their supervisors. If not addressed, concerns can be escalated to the local safety committees and/or Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). All health & safety incidents, including accidents, must be reported to EHS.

CCS IT Guidelines

Physical Distancing

  • CCS staff should maintain 2m of space between each other at all times.
  • CCS staff should avoid entering another staff member’s work station (cubicle).
  • CCS staff should avoid entering another staff member’s office, unless the office can accommodate proper physical distancing.
  • CCS staff should take occasional breaks outside their work area for exposure to fresh air, and to reduce sustained interactions with others.

Workstations and Offices

  • CCS staff must respect physical distancing in workstations and offices (see Physical Distancing).
  • CCS staff must regularly clean and disinfect their individual workstations or offices (see Cleaning and Disinfecting).
  • Unused CCS offices must remain locked to minimize the need for cleaning.
    • However, some empty CCS offices may be repurposed for use as meeting rooms. If this happens then staff members using the office must clean and disinfect surfaces after each use (see Cleaning and Disinfecting).
  • Where existing CCS workspaces may not lead to appropriate physical distancing, managers must either find alternative space or develop rotating work schedules to ensure physical distancing.

Communal areas including Kitchenette or Lunchroom

Please refer to the Return to Campuses website for up to date information.


  • Staff should use hand sanitizer before using Office Printers.
  • Hand sanitizer must be available near printers (see Cleaning and Disinfecting).


Please refer to the Return to Campuses Spaces website for up to date information.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The health and safety requirements of the majority of workspaces utilized by IT Services can be achieved using physical distancing measures. However, in communal work areas or specific job tasks in which adequate physical distancing is challenging, the use of PPE may be required.

Masks and Gloves

All those on University of Guelph campuses are required to wear face coverings when 2 metres of distance cannot be maintained or predicted. In general, this means wear a face covering when you are on campus.

Please refer to the Return to Campuses practices website for more detailed and up to date information.


  • As the conditions evolve, further communications and workplace safety requirements will follow as needed.
  • Email and existing virtual meetings will be the primary methods of communications.
  • Signage will be placed at major entranceways to promote physical distance requirements.
  • Floor markings to provide guidelines for physical distancing will be placed in buildings around campus.


Virtual meetings should be the default method of collaboration for CCS staff.

If a physical meeting is necessary, please adhere to the rules outlined on the Return to campuses spaces website.

Occupancy Limits

In areas where staff have individual offices the maximum occupancy is one per office.

In open areas, such as the cubicle areas in the UC & Animal Sciences, managers will determine maximum occupancy based on 2 metre physical distancing.

Additional Cleaning/Disinfection if a Presumed/Confirmed Case is Identified

If CCS is informed of a presumed or confirmed case of COVID-19 in our office spaces, the related office area will close, and a manager will contact Physical Resources to request additional cleaning/disinfection of the area.

Procurement of Cleaning Products

CCS will obtain cleaning and disinfectant supplies through Physical Resources who will maintain an inventory of cleaning and disinfectant products. See your manager if you see that inventory is low.

Location of Cleaning Supplies

Cleaing supplies such as disinfecting wipes, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be places in each of the CCS office areas (UC, Johnston Hall, Animal Science).

Cleaning of Workstations and Offices

Please refer to the Return to Campuses website for up to date information.