SSO Benefits

What are the benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) ?

The benefits of SSO (along with web access management) apply to many areas:

  • User experience: The most apparent benefit is that users can move between services securely and uninterrupted without specifying their credentials each time. SSO effectively joins these individual services into portals and removes the service boundaries - switching from one application to the next appears seamless to the user.
  • Security: The users credentials are provided directly to the central SSO server, not the actual service that the user is trying to access, and therefore the credentials cannot be cached by the service. The central authentication point – the SSO service – limits the possibility of phishing.
  • Resource savings: IT administrators can save their time and resources by utilizing the central web access management service  Application and web developers receive a complete authentication and authorization framework that they can use to built secure, user customized services.