Web Access Management

About Web Access Management (WAM) and Single Sign-On (SSO)

Web Access Management (WAM) refers to centrally managed access to web resources, e.g., web applications, static websites, large web-based services, etc. WAM can be applied to a single domain (like uoguelph.ca) or multiple domains (uoguelph.ca, resources.xyz, etc) or an entire federation (for example EduPass.ca). The latter case is sometimes referred to as Federated Access Management (FAM).

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides mechanism for managing user authentication sessions. When users authenticate with an SSO-enabled service they are instantly authenticated with all SSO-enabled services or applications within the given institution or federation. The users need to specify the username and password only once - when they request a web page from another SSO-enabled service their identity is confirmed behind the scenes and user's credentials do not need to be specified again. SSO is typically one of several services provided by WAM.

The following conference presentations provide an overview of SSO, WAM, FAM, Federation, and implementation of these services at UoGuelph : 


Logging out from SSO

Before you leave your workstation please  log out and close all your browser windows.

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