Important Changes to Faculty and Staff Central Login Account Creation Process


This communication is intended for those responsible for requesting Central Login Accounts for:

  • ​New employees 
  • NIL-salaried appointments (e.g., visiting academics, adjunct faculty, external graduate advisors, and non-academic visitors).

Computing & Communications Services (CCS), in partnership with Human Resources (HR), Faculty & Academic Staff Relations (FASR), and the Office of Registrarial Services, is making changes to improve the process for creating Central Login Accounts. This includes automating various components and basing all employee account generation on appointment data from the HR system.

These changes will take place effective December 5, 2019.

Here is what you need to know:

  • CCS will discontinue support for the online form-based process to request Central Login Accounts for new faculty and staff. Moving forward, all* accounts will be created automatically based on either the appointment information entered into Human Resources Employee Records (HRER) or the Employee Data Form (EDF) provided to HR. (*Please refer to matrix below for clarification).
  • As such, FASR will no longer be required to generate a Colleague account for new faculty.
  • The CCS online Central Login Account request form will continue to be used for requesting Sponsored or Organizational accounts (contractors, etc.).
  • Information must be entered into the HR system to create a Central Login Account for all NIL-salaried appointments (e.g., academic visitors, faculty transitioning to Professor Emeritus, adjunct faculty, external graduate faculty nominees, non-academic visitors). Please note: for external examiners, the current process will remain the same (Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will enter the information in Colleague).  
  • Please note the appointment process for NIL-salaried academics (see Office of the Provost Policy and Procedures for NIL SALARIED ACADEMICS) is being updated to reflect these new processes.
  • The following matrix summarizes how new academic and non-academic accounts will be generated on the go forward:      

Academic Roles:

New Appointments

Central Login Account Request Form

Enter Appointment Data in HRER 

or send EDF

Adjunct Professor   X
Faculty   X
Graduate Advisor   X
Graduate External Advisor   X
Postdoctoral   X
Sessional Lecturer   X
Visiting Professor   X
Visiting Student   X

Non-Academic Roles:

New Appointments

Central Login Account Request Form

Enter Appointment Data in HRER 

or send EDF

Staff   X
Non-Academic Visitor   X
Contractor X  
Organizational Account X  
Sponsored Account X  

Note: Alumni - no account offering provided at this time; Professor Emeritus - department to notify CCS Help Centre upon granting of this honour; University Professor Emeritus - Secretariat to notify CCS Help Centre upon granting of this honour; Retiree - employee to request from HR to keep their Central Login Account during HR retirement discussion; External Examiners - departments to contact Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. 

  • ​HR is now collecting both a personal email address and a preferred name as part of biographical details requested during new employee registration. While these fields are optional, the personal email address is critical, so CCS has a contact point for sending account details. The preferred name is an important option for those who go by a name other than their legal name.
  • EDFs may be submitted up to 60 days before a new employee or NIL-salaried appointment start date. CCS will communicate account details to new employees/NIL-salaried appointees within 24 hours of appointment entry by sending an email to the personal email address registered in the HR Employee Records system.
  • In the absence of a personal email address, the account recipient will be required to request account details from the CCS Help Centre (519-824-4120 Ext. 58888), which is the current process.
  • For University of Guelph-Humber employees, contact Academic and Campus Technology Services (416-798-1331 Ext. 6250).
  • Moving forward, HR will be the authoritative source of the official name of all U of G faculty and staff. In the process, we have discovered several faculty/staff name discrepancies between HR and Colleague. Impacted faculty will be contacted separately.
  • We recognize that other downstream systems and onboarding workflows may be impacted and will communicate impacts and improvements in this regard.

We anticipate these changes will make the account creation process more efficient and secure, reduce duplicate data entry into multiple systems, ensure pre-population of service-specific records in partnering services, and improve the employee onboarding experience.

If you have any questions, please contact the CCS Help Centre at 519-824-4120 Ext. 58888 or via email to


Computing and Communications Services

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