Database Hosting

The Database Hosting Service provides University departments and business units with database hosting and administration for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server upon request. These services are provided in a shared server environment.

Service details

Database hosting environments available:

  • Microsoft SQL Standard Server 2008R2 running on VMWare hosted on MS Windows 2008R2 Servers
  • Oracle Standard Edition Database 11gR2 hosted on RH Linux

The services offered includes the following:

  • a secure shared environment
  • creation and maintenance of  database instance
  • backup and recovery measures to safeguard contents
  • monitoring and maintenance of space usage within the database
  • monitoring and maintaining availability and performance
  • provisioning and monitoring of security measures within the database environment
  • creating or recreating new directory instances as per agreement
  • patching and upgrade of environment to new versions of vendor software

Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition  is suitable for most business and service applications typically deployed at the departmental level within the University or to satisfy specific vendor requirements 

The Oracle Standard Edition is suitable for strategic enterprise applications such as those deployed by Finace and Human Resources or to satisfy specific vendor requirements.

The service includes database licenses and essential database administration including updates, maintenance, storage management, backup, and recovery. The service does not include support for application development, application coding, web development, query optimization, Database Schema Design, or T-SQL scripting.

Microsoft SQL Server - There is no charge for this service.

Oracle - There may be an additional licensing fees depending on requirements.

If you need help or have questions about the service, please email us at or check our CCS Help Services page for more ways to contact us:

There may be scheduled maintenance or a service issue occurring. Please refer to CCS System Status Page for more information:

Item Expectation
Service availability 24x7 except during scheduled maintenance periods.
Service requests and problems Response times vary, however we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. 

Complete the Database Services Request Form and submit it to the CCS Help Centre. You will be contacted within 5 business days.