IP Address Management (DHCP)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network configuration protocol for devices on Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Each device must have a unique IP address on the network and DHCP was established to relieve the administrative burden of assigning and maintaining IP address information for the devices. The DHCP server provides automatic and reliable IP address assignments, and ensures that address conflicts do not occur.

Service details

An IP address is a 4-segment, 12-digit number (for example, 123.456.789.123). It is a hierarchical system wherein the numbers assigned within the segments are directly related to the preceding segment. It is analogous to a postal address such as province, city, street, and apartment number. A device can be assigned an IP address that is either static or dynamic. A static address does not change and is typically used for devices that do change locations on the network (for example, servers, printers) and are expected to be available at all times. Dynamic addresses are used for personal computers because they can change their physical location on the network and they may not be turned on all the time. Also, they can easily appear and disappear on the network (say, at the beginning and end of each semester). DHCP, as its name indicates, manages the assignment of dynamic IP.

DHCP Service Request

Note: The DHCP service covers the entire campus and provides DHCP/BOOTP to many subnets and buildings. Therefore, it is very important that you contact the CCS Help Centre before turning on DHCP services for your new NetWare and Windows NT file servers. Starting up a DHCP service while connected to the campus network can cause problems for other network users in your building.

Before submitting a request, collect the following information:

  • Range of IP addresses to be used for DHCP address assignment. It is preferred, but not necessary, that the range of addresses be contiguous.
  • Required lease duration. CCS recommends a lease of eight hours.
  • Range of static IP addresses to be reserved for servers and printers.
  • The subnet currently on the central DHCP service. This can be done by providing a sample IP address and network mask from the same physical location (that is, building or room).
  • The MAC addresses of the hosts on the subnet.

There is no charge to this service as it is provided by CCS. 

For any additional training on using this service, please contact the CCS Help Centre.

If you need help or have questions about the service please use one of the following methods for contacting CCS for assistance:

​If you cannot access the server, there may be a scheduled maintenance or a service issue occuring. Please refer to the following for more information:

  1. Check the CCS Scheduled Maintenance Calendar.
  2. Check the CCS System Status Page.
  3. Contact the CCS Help Centre.
Item Expectation
Server availability 24x7 except during scheduled maintenance periods.
Processing a DHCP request Within 2 business days.

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