Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a tool that lets you manage group projects by building a list of tasks, assigning those tasks to different team members, setting deadlines, and monitoring the progress.

Service details

Planner provides a comprehensive list of tasks, what their status is and who is working on what. To add a new task, it's as easy as adding a "bucket".

Planner can be used on its own or it can be added to a Microsoft Team so you can collaborate what everyone on the team is working on. When used as part of a Microsoft Team, planner lets you attach files to tasks, work together on those files, and even have conversations around tasks without switching between apps. With Planner added to your Team, all your team’s discussions and deliverables stay with the plan and don’t get locked away across disparate applications

Planner works across all your devices, with apps for web access and applications for Android and iOs.

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Get started with Planner - Check out the Microsoft Planner Quickstart Guide at the Microsoft Website.


There is no cost for this service as it is provided by CCS. 

CCS can help point you in the right direction for training. Head on over to Sign in with your U of G login id, and check out their Microsoft Planner training:

Microsoft position on online access to Office 365

CCS support for Microsoft Planner is limited to anything that requires administrative access such as submitting Microsoft support tickets. 

CCS does NOT support, and is NOT responsible for:

  • Providing, delivering or developing training and/or training material. 
  • Supporting, designing, developing and maintaining solutions within Microsoft Planner.
  • Managing, creating, editing, deleting, monitoring or maintaining content within Planner. 
  • Managing and delegating end-user permissions settings within Planner.

If you need help or have questions about the service, please email us at or check our CCS Help Services page for more ways to contact us:

There may be scheduled maintenance or a service issue occurring. Please refer to CCS System Status Page for more information:



Service availability

24x7 except for scheduled maintenance (see CCS System Status schedule).

Service requests and problems

Response time varies depending on the nature of the issue.

Planner is a part of your Office 365 subscription. Office 365 is expected to be available at all times, with the possible exception of regular maintenance windows. 

Office 365 accounts are created automatically when your Central Login Account is created. Office 365 uses the same username and password as your Central Login Account. 

There is no desktop application for Planner.  To access Planner via a web browser, link to These browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Apple Safari

  • Google Chrome 

Planner is a part of Office 365.  You can find extensive information and support on the use of Office 365 by going to our Office 365 web pages.