University Directory (LDAP)

The University Directory (LDAP) contains each person’s contact, department, and computer access information.

Service details

The information in University Directory (LDAP) can be accessed in two ways:

  • Information on the public University web site is limited to name,  phone number, and email address.
  • Private information (department affiliation and login credentials) is available to authorized CCS services only. Requests for private information must be approved by either Human Resources or the Office of Registrarial Services.

All information in the University Directory (LDAP) is governed by the University’s Access and Privacy Policy.

There is no cost for this service as it is provided by CCS. 

If you need help or have questions about the service please use one of the following methods for contacting CCS for assistance:

If you cannot access the server, there may be a scheduled maintenance or a service issue occuring. Please refer to the following for more information:

  1. Check the CCS Scheduled Maintenance Calendar.
  2. Check the CCS System Status Page.
  3. Contact the CCS Help Centre.
Item Expectation
Service availability 24x7 except during scheduled maintenance periods.
Update your public information Within 5 business days.

The public information is available in two ways:

Who can use this service?

Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students

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