Gryph Forms

Gryph Forms (U of G's implementation of Process Director) will be a campus-wide solution for automating workflow processes, which includes digital approvals, document routing, and electronic forms (eForms).  

Service details

Gryph Forms will help improve efficiency and collaboration among external and internal users through a central, standardized solution. Gryph Forms allows the ability for departments to create and deliver their own forms and workflow solutions. Please note, all Gryph Forms users are required to adhere to the Terms of Use, which is subject to change as the service evolves.

There is no charge for this service. However, there is a cost if a department requires additional training or professional services from the vendor.

Online training videos and vendor documentation are available through Gryph Forms User Group.

CCS support is limited to the provisioning of Gryph Forms Spaces and accounts on the system. CCS does NOT:

  • Support, design, develop or maintain Gryph Forms Solutions
  • Develop or deliver training
  • Manage, create, edit, delete, monitor or maintain content within Gryph Forms

Solution Development

Departments can choose following options for developing Gryph Forms solutions:

  • Departments that have the resources can choose to create their own solutions without CCS support. However, it is strongly recommended that users of the service have a basic understanding of the software development lifecycle (e.g. business analysis, development, testing). CCS also recommends that only departments that can dedicate at least one full-time resource select this option.
  • Another option is for departments to partner with CCS to hire a Developer (i.e. Distributed Analyst) who would join CCS' central development team in order to build solutions for the sponsoring department(s). Departments would be responsible for securing funding for these positions. These can be shared resources with other departments to help with budgetary constraints. To pursue this option, please contact Kent Hoeg,

Support Model

  1. First point of contact for support issues is through the Gryph Forms User Group.
  2. If the issue cannot be resolved through the Gryph Forms User Group, the department's coordinator can submit a ticket through the CCS Help Centre. CCS will submit a ticket to the vendor on the department's behalf. Please note, depending on the complexity and/or time required to resolve the issue, the vendor may determine the issue needs to be resolved through Professional Services, in which case the department would be responsible for arranging and procuring services.

Gryph Forms User Group

The Gryph Forms User Group is an Office 365 SharePoint site, created for Gryph Forms Developers and Coordinators to be able to connect with one another, ask questions, provide guidance, help and support, as well as share resources, lessons learned, tips, best practices. 

CCS is the owner of the site and will post initial best practices and training material. Given that CCS will offer limited support, it is expected that the Gryph Forms user community contribute to this group on a regular basis to enhance its value.  CCS will also use the Gryph Forms User Group to communicate issues, updates and upgrades. 

CCS Help Centre Contact

Item Expectation
Service availability 24x7 except for scheduled maintenance (see CCS System Status).
Service requests and problems Response time vary depending on the nature of the issue.

Requests for a Gryph Forms Space can only be made by faculty and staff with express agreement from the Department/Unit head. Only University faculty, staff (and in some cases sponsored accounts) can have an account created on the system.  Any user internal and external to University can be the end user of a Gryph Forms solution. 

Request Gryph Forms Space here.

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