Issue Tracking Software (FootPrints)

FootPrints is an online system that allows you to track and manage customer support issues.

Service details

FootPrints can be used for tracking issues, service requests, or work orders. It is useful for maintaining a help desk or call centre.

FootPrints users in different locations can collaborate, communicate, organize tasks, and share documents. For other features, refer to FootPrints Features.

FootPrints is used by the CCS Help Centre to track its issues and to host its Knowledge Base.  For additional information, refer to the software vendor’s website at

There is a one-time licensing fee for each project. There are two types of licenses:

  • Fixed  licenses (that is, dedicated to a single person) cost $1055.00 each.
  • Concurrent licenses (that is, shared by multiple people) cost $2295.00 each.

You must purchase at least one fixed license. Thereafter, you must determine how many people need dedicated access and how many people need occasional or intermittent access. Contact the CCS Help Centre to discuss your requirements.

Note: You can try out FootPrints without charge. Contact the CCS Help Centre.

The FootPrints service includes one-on-one training and assistance to set up your project using an existing template such as the one used by the CCS Help Centre.

Additional Footprints support will include:

If you need help or have questions about the service, please email us at or check our CCS Help Services page for more ways to contact us:

There may be scheduled maintenance or a service issue occurring. Please refer to CCS System Status Page for more information:

Item Expectation
Server availability 24x7 except during scheduled maintenance periods (CCS Status Page).
Service requests and problems Response times vary, however we will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.

Contact CCS FootPrints administration  to review a copy of the Service Level Agreement(SLA) and other workspace guideline information.

You will be asked to complete a FootPrints application . Once your application has been reviewed; you will be contacted with a response. IT issue tracking projects will receive 1st priority.