Teams (via Office 365)

Office 365 Teams is a collaboration service that provides shared conversation spaces to help teams coordinate and communicate information.

Service details

Key features of Teams includes integration of easy filesharing with simultaneous editing, real-time chats, messages, alerts, notifications, and group notebook OneNote.

All users are required to adhere to the Terms of Use.  Please read the Terms of Use and Best Practices before using Teams or creating a new Team.

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There is no charge for this service as it is provided by CCS.

Microsoft Teams Training Resources:

  • Microsoft Teams Academy  
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Teams 
  • Microsoft Teams Help 
  • Using Planner with Microsoft Teams
  • T-Bot  - Microsoft Teams includes an embedded Bot which acts as an assistant and a resource in learning how to use Microsoft Teams. Users have the ability to ask T-bot questions through Teams’ chat interface. In addition to the chat functionality with T-Bot, Teams also includes other training and support options within the application. This includes a Help knowledge base, an FAQ section, training videos and Release Notes. These are all located in separate tabs beneath T-Bot. In order to access T-Bot, click on the Chat Tab on the left and you will find the T-Bot chat profile listed with your contacts.

The following training sessions are also available from CCS, and are listed in the Human Resources, Learning and Development calendar:


Web and Desktop 

Video Support

Mobile Devices

Microsoft also offers a unique set of accessibility features to efficiently navigate through Teams.

Download and Install Teams for Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and Android.

CCS support for Teams is limited to anything that requires administrative access, such as submitting Microsoft support tickets. 

CCS does NOT support, and is NOT responsible for:

  • Providing, delivering or developing training and training material
  • Supporting, designing, developing and maintaining solutions within Teams
  • Managing, creating, editing, deleting or maintaining content within Teams
  • Managing and delegating end user permissions settings within Teams

 If you need additional help or have questions about the service, please use one of the following methods for contacting the CCS Help Centre:

Item Expectation
Service availability 24x7 except for scheduled maintenance (see CCS System Status page).
Service requests and problems Response time varies depending on the nature of the issue.

Who can use this service?

Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students

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