Test Scoring and Scanning

The Test Scoring and Scanning Service scans test answer sheets, grades them, and stores the results online where instructors can retrieve and manage the test results.

Service details

Please note that we are currently not accepting scantron jobs until the University re-opens due to the COVID-19 situation. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Answer sheets are processed within three business days.
  • Original answer sheets are returned to the instructor.
  • Corrupted answer sheets (that is, sheets that will not go through the scanner) are identified for the instructor by a note attached to the sheets when they are returned.
  • Instructors can change a test’s correct answers and their mark values online without re-scanning the answer sheets.
  • Instructors can grade the tests online and generate reports. They can also create data files for importing the grades into the University’s course management system (D2L) or gradebook (WinMarks).
  • Note: The test scoring system does not archive results from previous semesters.  After Test Scoring results have been returned to the requesting department, the department is responsible for maintaining its own archive of test scoring results from previous semesters.
  • New ID policy: As of January 2020, anyone who is picking up an exam must bring valid photo ID (eg. Student/Staff/Faculty card, driver's license). This is to ensure only authorized individuals are able to pick up an exam for a course instructor.

For information about the Test Scoring System, refer to its User Guide. To access the User Guide:

  1. Browse to the Test Scoring System at testscoring.ccs.uoguelph.ca.
  2. Log in using your University of Guelph central login account.
  3. Click the View User Guide link at the top of any page.


  • Instructors can grade multiple-choice tests more efficiently and more accurately.
  • Original data is stored and easily accessible.


  • The service can process only one type of answer sheet. It is available in two colours: Staples Item - Z98UG21400 (red) and Z98UG21900 (grey).

There is no charge for using the scanning service. Charge for materials:

  • Test Scoring Header sheet (one sheet for each section of a test), item Z98UG00900.
  • Test Scoring sheets (one sheet for each student for each section of a test), item Z98UG21400 (red) or Z98UG21900 (grey).

The User Guide is available after login to the TestScoring System. Please see the Service Description section above for more information on the User Guide’s location.

For information on how to fill out the Request for Test Scoring Sheet and the Answer Key please see this page: How to Submit an exam for Test Scoring Service

If you need help or have questions about the service, please email us at IThelp@uoguelph.ca or check our CCS Help Services page for more ways to contact us:

There may be scheduled maintenance or a service issue occurring. Please refer to CCS System Status Page for more information:

  • Answer sheets will be processed within three business days.
  • Instructors will be automatically notified by email immediately after the sheets have been scanned.
  • Instructors must retrieve the original answer sheets within 10 business days after processing. Exams that have not been picked up by the end of the term will be mailed to their respective College administrative offices.

The Test Scoring service is available 24 X 7 except during scheduled maintenance or unplanned service interruptions. Refer to the CCS Service Updates site for announcements regarding service interruptions. Instructors can submit sheets during regular university business hours.


To use this service:

  • Purchase sufficient Test Scoring Header sheets. One sheet is required for each section of a test. Sheets are available from Staples item Z98UG00900.
  • Purchase sufficient Test Scoring Answer sheets. One sheet is required for each student for each section of the test. Sheets are available from Staples item Z98UG21400 (red) or Z98UG21900 (grey).
  • Complete a Test Scoring Answer sheet with the correct answers (that is, an “Answer Key” sheet). One Answer Key sheet is required for each section of the test.
  • Print a Request for Test Scoring Service form and complete it manually.
  • Deliver the completed sheets and the request form to Johnson Hall room 033.
  • Pick up the test sheets after the scanning has been completed.

Note: If you do not know how to complete the request form or the test sheets, refer to Preparing the Test Scoring Service Request Form and Test Sheets.