Adobe Reader


Adobe Reader is a free software application that allows you to view and print PDF (portable document format) files on your local computer and from the Internet in your web browser.  Adobe Reader and PDFs ensure universal access to documents without platform or software dependencies. 


Adobe Reader is free and available for download to anyone who wants to install this application.  The software is distributed by Adobe, creators of the PDF standard.

Acquiring Software

The Adobe Reader download is available from Adobe at no cost. 

Installation Procedure

The installation process for Adobe Reader is very straight forward and will require you to follow these steps:

  1. Click Download
  2. Save or Run the installation file


CCS will support the latest version of Adobe Reader.  Please contact the CCS Help Centre if you have any questions.

Additional Information

Read more about Adobe Reader. You may also want to learn more about Adobe Acrobat, the software application that allows you to convert your documents to PDF.