Microsoft Windows 2008 Server


Microsoft Windows 2008 Server is a server operating system (OS) created by Microsoft to allow sharing of computers resources to facilitate server activities such as web server, database server, application server etc.


Licenses for the various Windows Server products can be obtained directly from our vendor.

For Managed Servers hosted clients, there is NO need to purchase as it will be provided under the operation system licensing fee structure. Please refer to the Managed Servers page for more details.

Acquiring Software

Microsoft Windows 2008 Server media and license is available through our Microsoft Select agreement and can be purchased through the CCS Software Distribution Site.


Full operation system level support and administration will be provided to Managed Servers hosted clients.

For others, support for Microsoft Windows 2008 Server will be limited and will concentrate mainly on:
1. Connectivity issues to the campus wired network
2. Compatibility issues with applications on our Supported Products List

Installation instructions are available on the Microsoft Windows 2008 support website