Some U of G financial aid for you xxxx

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Some U of G financial aid for you XXXX

Warning: This email message may contain links to potentially dangerous websites attempting to impersonate the University of Guelph. Please exercise caution and verify the link is for legitimate purposes before providing any information.

Hope studies are going well XXXX,

Having been a student myself at Guelph, I know this time of year bank accounts start to get low. Between partying, food, books, tuition and a whole new wardrobe-change as summer approaches, University is expensive. What you need to know is that since you are an educated University student, companies will pay you for your influential opinion on matters important to Canadians. Opinions on questions such as “Is marijuana good or bad for Canada?”. Your opinions help shape the decisions made by businesses, media and policy-makers across Canada while you are directly rewarded for your input.
View it here [LINK REMOVED] . There’s no cost and I’ve seen a huge surge in Canadian students using it to get through when funds are getting tight.

Karen Laurent
Guelph Financial Aid Inc.

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This email is an example of a scam email that has been sent around to people on campus. One tell-tale sign for emails that may be scams, is that they are too good to be true, or money may be offered to you for little or nothing in exchange. If you are ever unsure of an email, contact the Help Centre for further clarification (, they will be happy to help.