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Dear Colleagues:

We have an exceptional workforce in University of Guelph that is strongly committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism. Our employees work tirelessly every day to ensure that we deliver the highest quality education for our students to prepare them for success beyond graduation.

Nevertheless, as an organization committed to University of Guelph principles of performance excellence and continuous improvement, we can always improve our operational processes. Detailed information can be found in the attachment to this email. All employees are advised to review the information.



Franco Vaccarino

University of Guelph

50 Stone Road East

Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1




This phishing message is enticing users to open up a PDF file, by imitating the President. This file then takes you to a website where you a prompted for your credentials to "download" the message in question. Once you credentials are put in the hacker will have them and there is no file. Never open files or click on links in emails, that come from users you don't know. If you are ever in doubt just send the message to and we will investigate for you.