URL Shortening Service (uoguel.ph)

Communications & Public Affairs (C&PA) and Computing & Communications Services (CCS) have established a secure, custom URL shortening service for the University of Guelph. Short URLs will begin with https://uoguel.ph 


Service details

URL shortening is a technique to substantially shrink the size of a link and still direct to the desired page. A short URL may be desired for messaging technologies that limit the number of characters (SMS or Twitter), for reducing the amount of typing required if the reader is copying a URL from a print source, or to make it easier for a person to remember. 

Short URLs created within the system are publicly accessible.


There is no cost associated with this service. 

Documentation will be provided upon access approval. See "Request" tab for access information.

Service is available 24 x 7, except during scheduled maintenance. 

Those in marketing and communications roles on campus are able to request to the system via Communications & Public Affairs.


Access to create short URLs is only available to approved campus communicators.

If you are in a marketing and communications role and would like access to this tool to create short URLs for your unit, please contact Jenna Hennessey in Communications & Public Affairs (C&PA) (j.hennessy@exec.uoguelph.ca). 

If you are NOT in a marketing and communications role but would like to create a short URL, please contact the communications manager/specialist in your unit who should have access. If you do not have a communications manager/specialist in your unit, please contact Jenna Hennessy, above.