Webex is a feature rich web conferencing tool that allows participants to connect with others anywhere in the world through the use of video and/or audio as well as content sharing. 

Service details

Popular uses for Webex include web meetings, presentations, conferences, webinars, and e-learning. CCS offers Webex host licenses to students, faculty, and staff for the purpose of hosting online meetings and webinars. NOTE: Not all Webex features will be available with the University of Guelph Webex service. 

NOTE: Webex access is enabled by default for all faculty, students, and full-time staff. All other account holders, including part-time staff and organizational users, will have to request an account using the "Request Service" button to the right. If you don't have a staff/faculty/student account please check our Service Summary page to see if you'll have WebEx access.


  • High capacity - up to 1000 participants
  • Breakout Rooms - NEW Feature!
  • Co-Host Roles - NEW Feature!
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Teams and Outlook Web Access for quick access to meeting controls and scheduling
  • Full Lobby Access for Schedule Meetings - NEW Feature!
  • Personal Room URL (uoguelph.webex.com/meet/<userID>)
  • Support for up to 200 video endpoints, e.g. room-based video systems, Skype
  • Telephone access to meetings

For further information and a comparison of features between the available web conferencing tools, check out  Which Collaboration Tool Should I Use? on the CCS Website.

More information about new features now available can be found on the Webex - What's New, What's Changed web page. 

There is no charge for this service as it is provided by CCS. 

Quick-Start Guides

New to Webex? We can help!

NOTE: More information about Webex Events is available, including additional support resources and a comparison with Webex Meetings.

More Information

The primary source for documentation and training is available from Webex. You can also reach them via telephone: 1-866-229-3239 (1-844-548-1604 French). A full list of phone numbers for all regions is available.

Here are a few starting points: 

Webex also provides periodic online training. Sessions are archived. Be sure to click the Webex tab to see Webex training

CCS has developed the following guides for each service platform: 

Previous Version

Current Version

The following training sessions are also available from CCS, and are listed in the Human Resources, Learning and Development calendar:

You can also visit lynda.com and login with your University of Guelph account and search for Webex training. While the Webex versions and steps don’t necessarily line up with the University’s service, it’s a good place to become familiar with how web conferencing works in general. 

The primary source for support or help is available from Webex. You can also reach them via telephone: 1-866-229-3239 (1-844-548-1604 French). A full list of phone numbers for all regions is available.

CCS Support for Webex is limited to:

  • Account and feature activation 
  • Making sure you can login to Webex with your central userID/password
  • Working with the vendor to resolve service impacting issues 

CCS Managed Desktop Clients will have access to additional support, including: 

  • Installation of Webex Desktop application
  • Assistance with selection, installation and support of peripherals, e.g. headsets and webcams 

CCS has collected the following information which might help with issues you are having. Please review these before submitting a help request.

If you need help or have questions about the service, please email us at IThelp@uoguelph.ca or check our CCS Help Services page for more ways to contact us:

There may be scheduled maintenance or a service issue occurring. Please refer to CCS System Status Page for more information:

Item Expectation
Service Availability 24x7x365 except for scheduled maintenance (see CCS System Status)
Service Requests and Problems Response time varies depending on the nature of the issue.

Account Activation
Feature Activation
Software Distribution

Within 2-3 business days.

Requesting Access to Webex

Webex access is now enabled by default for all faculty, students and full-time staff. To request Webex access for organizational accounts or if you are a part-time staff member, please fill out the CCS - Webex Account Request form. If you are requesting access for an organizational account, please fill out the form after logging in with the same organizational account.

Accessing Webex 

You can access Webex a number of ways. 

  • Via web application: uoguelph.webex.com 
  • Via Webex Desktop application 
  • Via Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Webex ribbon buttons (with Webex Desktop application installed) 
  • Via Microsoft Outlook Webex ribbon buttons (with Webex Desktop application  installed) 
  • Via Microsoft Internet Explorer Webex Add-on (with Webex Desktop application installed)
  • Via Microsoft Teams (with Webex Add-in installed )
  • Via Outlook Web Access (with Webex Add-in install) - (Requires activation - please submit a service request)

For more information about how to download and install Webex software, visit the Webex - Frequently Asked Questions.

Submitting Webex Account Requests in Bulk (or for Others) - Org Accounts and Part Time Staff Members Only

Departments can choose to submit account requests in bulk via email to 58888help@uoguelph.ca. To complete the account request, CCS will need the following information for each person: first name, last name, central userID.

The information should be added to a CSV file, with each account on a separate line, and the CSV file attached to the ticket. For example:


The same process should be followed when submitting individual requests on behalf of others.