WebEx - Best Practices

The primary source for support or help is available from WebEx. You can also reach them via telephone: 1-866-229-3239 (1-844-548-1604 French). A full list of phone numbers for all regions is available.

CCS has collected the following information which might help with issues you are having. Please review these Best Practices before submitting a help request.

Headset vs Speakers

For best results, a headset is preferred. Speakers can cause audio issues as they interfere with the microphone. WebEx technologies do take this into consideration, so it’s possible to have a WebEx session without a headset, but it won’t be optimal. 

Productivity Tools vs Web Client

For best results, we suggest using the Productivity Tools. It will integrate with Outlook and allow you to easily book and update WebEx meetings. If you change a meeting in Outlook that has a WebEx resource attached, it will automatically update the WebEx meeting.

Participating in a WebEx Meeting as a Group vs Individually

This applies to open office areas. If a number of you are participating in the same meeting and are all within close distance of each other, you will likely experience echo throughout the meeting. Some of this echo can be eliminated by muting your microphone when you are not speaking. However, because there is a short delay, you may hear your colleague speak from across the room and then her their voice through the WebEx meeting. This can be avoided by joining the meeting together in one room with one computer as the host/participant computer. 

If you need additional help or have questions about the service, please use one of the following methods for contacting the CCS Help Centre: 

  • Email us at IThelp@uoguelph.ca 
  • Phone us at 519-824-4120 ext. 58888 
  • Visit us at the IT Help Desk in the Library


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