Webex Events Quick Steps

Table of Contents

Logging in to Webex Events

Scheduling a Webex Event

Logging in to Webex Events

  1. Browse to uoguelph.webex.com

  2. Enter your U of G email address.

  3. Click Next. You will be prompted to log in via Single Sign-On.

  4. Your Webex home page will be displayed, and you are signed in!

  5. Click “Webex Events” in the bottom left corner of the home page. You now on the Webex Events page.

    • Note: If you are using a small form factor device (i.e., a phone or tablet), click "WE".


Schedule an Event

  1. On the left-hand side, click “Schedule an Event.”

  2. Fill in your event name, password, time and duration in the Basic Information section.

  3. Meeting topic and password are mandatory.

    • Webex will generate a password automatically. You can change this if needed, but a strong password is advised.

    • Note: Registration is checked by default. Please be aware that this method will require you to review and approve individual requests to join your event, which can be very time consuming. If you uncheck this, there is no registration requirement.

  4. Leave audio conference settings as default.

Event Description and Options

NOTE: Check the option “Do not allow attendees to share rich media files in this event,” to prevent attendees from attempting to share any content and disrupt your presentation.

  1. You have the option to add a post-event survey. If you wish to do that, click on “create post-event survey.

  2. Choose a method of how the survey will be displayed from the options available.

  3. If you want to send your participants to another website after the event ends, please enter the URL here (for example: www.uoguelph.ca).

Attendees and Registration

CCS recommends leaving the invitation list for large classes and events blank and instead sending the event URL and password using an alternate, secure method (for example via Courselink).

  1. Fill out “Attendees & Registration” as per your requirements.

  2. If you do use the invitation list to invite people, you may want to uncheck “Allow registrants to invite friends to this event” to avoid forwarding of invites.

    • Note: If you choose the “URL” method, anyone that has the URL and password can join.

  3. Adjust the number of registrants to match the audience you expect to attend. You may want to keep this number a bit higher, if you intend or expect other parties to join as well.

  4. You can create a registration form. If you click "create here", a pop-up window will open.

  5. If you click on “Approval required” you can set up rules that can automatically approve incoming registration requests (e.g., one rule could be to approve all requests coming from an email address that contains @uoguelph.ca).

  6. You can set a registration password (CCS recommends this to be a complex password) or leave the option as “No.”

  7. If you want applicants to have a registration ID, check “Yes.” A registration ID will require them to fill out a form and submit their ID code to join your meeting.

    • Note: If this option is selected, you will have to accept each registration request.

Presenters and Panelists

Unlike Webex Meetings where all attendees can unmute and share content, Webex Events requires you to grant these permissions to other individuals.

  1. If you will have other people presenting with you (e.g., in a seminar with multiple instructors or an online panel discussion), you will need an invitation list of your co-presenters. Webex refers to them as Panelists.

  2. Enter introductory information about the panelists.

  3. If you want panelists to be able to contribute documents, check “allow panelists to upload documents associated with the event.”

  4. Next, set a complex panelist password and share with panelists via a secure medium (i.e., direct text message). Do not share this password with the audience or regular participants.