WebEx - Frequently Asked Questions

The primary source for support or help is available from WebEx. You can also reach them via telephone: 1-866-229-3239 (1-844-548-1604 French). A full list of phone numbers for all regions is available.

CCS has collected the following information which might help with issues you are having. Please review these Frequently Asked Questions before submitting a help request.

Q. How do I access WebEx? How do I login to WebEx?
A. You can access and login to WebEx either through the University's WebEx web interface and click the Sign In button near the top right of the window, or, you can use the Webex Desktop Application. (See below how to download and install this software). Both options require you to login via the University of Guelph SSO process. When you are logging in, you will be asked for your email address first [<userid>@uoguelph.ca or <userid>@guelphhumber.ca only], then forwarded to the University's Single Sign-On page.   

Q: Why can’t I see all my meetings on the Webex site? 
A: There is no calendar integration option currently for the Webex web interface. You will only see meetings that you have booked that include a WebEx meeting room. NOTE: (Recurring) Meetings that include your Personal Room will not appear in either Desktop Application or the Webex site. 

Q. How can I use a video source other than a webcam for my WebEx conference? 
A: There are USB video capture devices that you can use that will allow you to use audio/video output from a device and stream it as if it were a webcam.  

Q. Is there any software I need to use WebEx?
A. No additional software is necessary to use WebEx. However, CCS recommends using the WebEx Desktop Application which integrates with Microsoft Office (including Outlook). To download the software, visit the WebEx downloads page. Please be sure to follow whatever departmental procedures are in place when installing software on your computer. You can also find the downloads page by following these instructions:

  1. Visit uoguelph.webex.com 
  2. Click the menu icon (three horizontal bars) near the top left
  3. Click the Download link

NOTE: CCS Managed Desktop clients can use Software Center to install Webex software. If you are having trouble finding or using Software Center, please contact the CCS Help Center to open a Managed Desktop help request.

  • From the Windows search bar, type "software center" and select the Software Center application from the list. 
  • After the application launches, select Applications from the left hand side menu
  • Select "Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App" from the right hand side. 

Q. Is there any other software that is needed?
A. When you start or join a meeting, the desktop application will automatically download and install on your computer if required. In addition to this software, you may be required to download and install the recorder, player and/or editor software. If you are a CCS Managed Desktop client, you can open a ticket to have this software installed on your computer. If you are not a CCS Managed Desktops client, you can download the software from WebEx . Please be sure to follow whatever departmental procedures are in place when installing software on your computer. 

Q. Are there mobile apps for WebEx?
A. Yes, there are mobile apps for WebEx. Search for "WebEx" in your mobile device app store and select the WebEx app (sometimes called WebEx Meetings) that is published by Cisco. Enter or select "uoguelph.webex.com" when prompted for your site information. Login will be via University of Guelph SSO (single sign-on).

NOTE: Cisco has recently re-branded some of its other applications with the WebEx name - so be sure to select the WebEx Meetings app.

Q. I no longer see the WebEx settings when creating meetings in Outlook. What happened?
A. The WebEx settings options only appear once, when creating your first meeting. The settings you choose are remembered and used for subsequent meetings. You can review/modify the settings for subsequent meetings by clicking the gear icon (Change Settings) which appears beside the webex icon (Cancel WebEx Meeting). If you'd like to see the settings for each meeting, uncheck the "[ ] Don't show me these settings again" option near the bottom of the settings screen.

Q. Is there a toll free number available to dial in to WebEx meetings?
A. There is no toll free number available to dial in to WebEx meetings. Dial in access is available only via toll numbers. The Canadian dial in number is included by default. Participants can click on a link which lists additional dial in numbers. 

Q. Is there any way to get toll free service? Can I get my own toll free number or use an existing toll free number and add this to Webex?
A. Toll free service is not currently available for the University of Guelph Webex service. There is no way for individuals or departments to add toll free service. There is no way for CCS to link a department owned toll free number to the service. CCS is periodically evaluating adding toll free service to the University's Webex service and will update the pages accordingly if/when this feature is enabled.

Q. How do I allow someone to schedule WebEx meetings on my behalf?
A. This question is answered in the following WebEx article.

Q. Can I use WebEx with an organizational account?
A. Yes. CCS recommends using personal WebEx accounts for a more personal and customizable experience, but, if you have an organizational account that fits a specific role and use this organizational account with other applications such as email and calendaring, then CCS will enable WebEx for your organizational account.

Q. Can I host multiple WebEx meetings simultaneously with the same WebEx account?
A. Hosting multiple, simultaneous meetings with the same WebEx account is not supported. While this feature seems to work at the present time, because it is not supported, this feature may stop working at any time. CCS recommends that you do not build departmental workflow and/or procedures around this feature. The vendor recommended workaround for this is to schedule meetings with one account, but to assign alternate hosts for each meeting and let the alternate host start the meeting. This WebEx article explains how to add alternate hosts. NOTE: Starting concurrent personal room meetings does not work - this simply joins the same personal room meeting twice.

NOTE: You can only have two concurrent meetings running at the same time. To go over this limit, individuals will need to book their own meetings or delegate access to someone else to do the booking for them.

Q. I don't see any way to accept a meeting invite and/or the "Add to Calendar" button does not work when using GryphMail web (OWA), how do I accept this meeting?
A. This normally happens when the meeting host is using the WebEx web interface. The meeting invite is sent as an .ics attachment that GryphMail web (OWA) can not identify properly, and as a result, does not present the normal meeting action buttons. To add the meeting invite to your calendar, follow these steps:

  • Click the down arrow on the .ics attachment (if you don't see the attachment, see exception information below)
  • Select Preview from the drop down menu
  • Click the + Add to calendar button near the top left

If you do not see the attachment, but only see an "Add to Calendar" button, follow these steps:

  • save your .ics event from the email it was sent from to somewhere you can access it.
  • typically, clicking the "Add to Calendar" button will save the .ics file to your downloads directory
  • go to O365/OWA calendar
  • select Add Calendar from menu
  • select option "From File"
  • click Browse and navigate to the saved .ics file
  • select the calendar you want to add this event to in the Calendar drop down menu (Calendar is the default calendar)
  • click Save

NOTE: Simply adding the event to your calendar does not send a notification to the meeting host. You must accept the meeting after you add the event to your calendar to notify the host.

Q. I have an important meeting coming up, does CCS provide onsite or standby support?
A. CCS does not provide onsite or standby support for WebEx, however, WebEx offers 24 hour support. CCS recommends you test your meeting scenario ahead of time to ensure everything is setup correctly and you are familiar with how WebEx operates. To help you become familiar with WebEx, CCS recommends viewing and/or participating in any of the available online or in person training opportunities. If you still feel onsite or standby support is required, CCS recommends arranging this with your local IT team. Your local IT team should be contacted far enough ahead of the scheduled meeting to allow for preparation, testing and troubleshooting. 

NOTE: Managed Desktop clients who rely on the service as their primary IT support roll can contact CCS to request additional support for WebEx.

Q: How do I get an inventory of upcoming Webex meetings I’ve booked?
A: To get an inventory of upcoming Webex meetings that you’ve booked, take the following steps:

  1. Visit uoguelph.webex.com and sign in using UofG SSO credentials.
  2. Click the Meetings button on the left hand side menu.
  3. Click the drop down menu which includes a default date range of one week.
  4. Select a custom date range by first clicking on a date to mark the start of the range and then clicking on a date to mark the end of the range. You can skip forward months to increase the date range.
  5. Click OK to accept the range and be presented with a list of meetings.
  6. Review each meeting listed to see if you are hosting the meeting or participating. Your name will appear at the top of those that you are hosting.

If you need additional help or have questions about the service, please use one of the following methods for contacting the CCS Help Centre: 

  • Email us at IThelp@uoguelph.ca 
  • Phone us at 519-824-4120 ext. 58888 
  • Visit us at the IT Help Desk in the Library


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