Congrats Stephanie Croyle, Caitlyn Decina and Julie Krumma, "Best Student Talk and Poster" Winners!

Congratulations to Stephanie Croyle and Caitlyn Decina who tied for “Best Student Talk” and to Julie Krumma who won “Best Student Poster” at our 11th Annual CCSAW Research Symposium!

Croyle gave an enthusiastic, engaging presentation on the perceptions of dairy farmers towards communication pertaining to receiving feedback and advice related to animal welfare issues on farm. Her aim was to was to identify expectations in order facilitate communication for key advice such as on farm consultants.

CCSAW Newsletter Issue 25 - 25th Anniversary Issue

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Celebrating 25 years! ▪ From the Director ▪ Mona Campbell: The Woman Behind the Name ▪ Dr. David Porter ▪ Dr. Frank Hurnik ▪ Dr. Ian Duncan ▪ An Evolving Field - Twenty Years of Animal Welfare Science ▪ Master's by Coursework Program a Success ▪ Where Are They Now? ▪ U of G and CCSAW Honour Eminent Scientis

CCSAW Newsletter Issue 21

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Comfort at a Cost? ▪ Third Annual Animal Welfare Symposium ▪ OSPCA Agent Training ▪ Getting to the Root of the Matter: Tusk Trimming Boars ▪ Culling Turkeys Safely and Humanely ▪ Gambling, Greyhounds, and the "Great Recession" ▪ Toward Zen in the Sheep Pen ▪ The Transport Truck: A Pig's Eye View ▪ 9th Annual Animal Welfare Judging Competition ▪ Distance Education at U of G ▪ Events

Issue 10

  • Can pigs count the minutes?
  • Gas stunning studied
  • Do fish have psychological needs?
  • Freedom Food

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