CCSAW Newsletter Issue 22

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Bang for Buck: Improving Shelter Dog Welfare ▪ I'm Not Going There! ▪ New Website Looks at Animal Welfare Claims ▪ Ian Duncan Awarded Medal ▪ CCSAW Awarded KTT Funding ▪ Providing Expertise to Codes of Practice Revision ▪ U of Guelph Names New Animal Welfare Chairs ▪ CCSAW Director Awarded Egg Farmers of Canada Chair in Poultry Welfare ▪ A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words ▪ Stuart Little is Drowning! ▪ Improving Dairy Cattle and Heifer Welfare ▪ F.W. Presant Memorial Lecture: Vicky Sandilands ▪ Animal Behaviour and Welfare Seminar Series ▪ OVC Symposium a Hit wtih Pet Owners ▪ Growing by Leaps and Bounds! ▪ Events

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