CCSAW Petroglyph Figure Retirement

CCSAW Petroglyph Figure
CCSAW Petroglyph Figure

The time has come to bid adieu to our CCSAW Petroglyph Figure and retire it just before its 25th birthday. The Figure emerged into the world in spring of 1996 (just like some of our current graduate students!).

Designed to model a ‘circle of life’ petroglyph (ancient cave drawing) of a human, mammal and fish, the Figure reminds us how inter-reliant and interconnected people and animals can be. As such, it is still a valued “CCSAW emeritus” and we will be inviting it back from time to time, when our work revolves around the theme of human-animal relationships, One Health, One Welfare, etc.

Retirement of the Figure is consistent with UoG’s updated and modern “Improve Life” style and branding. With our mission to promote animal welfare through research and education, CCSAW has been improving life for animals for over 30 years! Check out our new look on Twitter.


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