Dr. Trevor DeVries receives continued funding from Canada Research Chairs Program

Trevor DeVries

Renewed this year is a Tier 2 CRC in Dairy Cattle Behaviour and Welfare held since 2015 by Dr. Trevor DeVries. He will receive $100,000 a year for five years.

By understanding the behaviour of dairy cattle, he aims to recommend optimal feeding, housing and management strategies. Those recommendations are intended to improve animal welfare, enhance production and ensure quality milk products for consumers.

“We’re ensuring a product that is not only nutritious but is also sourced from animals that have been raised with a high standard of welfare,” said DeVries.

Having studied production responses in animals over the past five years, he now plans to zero in on the individual behavioural and nutritional needs of dairy cows. This example of precision agriculture echoes the wider goal of sustainable food production shared by U of G’s Food from Thought program and Arrell Food Institute.

“The goal is to create precision nutritional strategies that improve individual animal welfare, minimize disease and target nutrient consumption in animals, thus minimizing nutrient waste and environmental impacts,” said DeVries.

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