Dr. Tina Widowski awarded Research Leadership Chair, recognizing research excellence

Congratulations to Dr. Tina Widowski, one of thirteen University of Guelph faculty members to be awarded a Research Leadership Chair (RLC). The RLC program recognizes research excellence of mid- to late-career-stage faculty who have proven records of distinguished and sustained scholarly work.

Research excellence is recognized as scholarly output that is demonstrably internationally impactful within the nominee’s discipline, including published works, and other forms of scholarly output, research-related knowledge mobilization, research-derived innovation, and training of highly qualified personnel. RLC recipients hold their chairs for three years and receive $15,000 a year in research funding from the University.

Widowski, an internationally recognized animal welfare scientist who directed CCSAW for 12 years, has made significant contributions to the development of farm animal care guidelines. These include the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) Canadian Codes of Practice for swine and poultry producers. As Chair of the Scientific Committee for NFACC’s Code of Practice for Laying Hens and a member of the Layer Code Development Committee, she helped set standards for the housing and care of laying hens across Canada. Tina also serves on the United Egg Producers (UEP) Scientists Committee on Animal Welfare, who evaluate egg-laying hen well-being standards, review existing research, conduct new research, and recommend changes for egg farms in the United States.

Read more about Widowsi’s life and work here, and visit her faculty page.

Congratulations to the other 12 recipients! 

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