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CCSAW Newsletter Issue 26

Shaping the Future for Laying Hens ▪ B4 U Get a Pet ▪ Saputo Dairy Care Program ▪ Animal Memorial Services at the University of Guelph ▪ Teaching and Reaching the Children ▪ Gayle Ecker Wins Prestigious Equine Industry Vision Award ▪ University of Guelph Celebrates Success at Welfare Judging Competition ▪ Top Video Prize Awarded to Catalina Medrano-Galarza ▪ First Ever Innovation Grant Awarded to Dr. Katrina Merkies ▪ Behaviour and Welfare Seminar Series

CCSAW Newsletter Issue 25 - 25th Anniversary Issue

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Celebrating 25 years! ▪ From the Director ▪ Mona Campbell: The Woman Behind the Name ▪ Dr. David Porter ▪ Dr. Frank Hurnik ▪ Dr. Ian Duncan ▪ An Evolving Field - Twenty Years of Animal Welfare Science ▪ Master's by Coursework Program a Success ▪ Where Are They Now? ▪ U of G and CCSAW Honour Eminent Scientis

CCSAW Newsletter Issue 21

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Comfort at a Cost? ▪ Third Annual Animal Welfare Symposium ▪ OSPCA Agent Training ▪ Getting to the Root of the Matter: Tusk Trimming Boars ▪ Culling Turkeys Safely and Humanely ▪ Gambling, Greyhounds, and the "Great Recession" ▪ Toward Zen in the Sheep Pen ▪ The Transport Truck: A Pig's Eye View ▪ 9th Annual Animal Welfare Judging Competition ▪ Distance Education at U of G ▪ Events

Issue 10

  • Can pigs count the minutes?
  • Gas stunning studied
  • Do fish have psychological needs?
  • Freedom Food

Issue 9

  • Manitoba farmers face up to welfare issues
  • Stray dogs a major problem in Taiwan
  • Taiwan hosts first ever Asian animal welfare conference
  • Why are broiler breeder roosters so aggressive?

Issue 7

  • We have a new name!
  • Public lecturer: Dr. Temple Grandin
  • Poultry Welfare: Heads or tails? Straight lines or circles?
  • At one with nature? Human attitudes to animals
  • Student Chapter: How do chickens vote?
  • Building a better cow house
  • Laboratory animals

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