Carly Moody


Carly’s interest in animal welfare science developed while obtaining a B.Sc. (Hons) at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The more she learned about animal welfare and behavior science, the more intrigued and enthralled she became. By the end of her undergraduate degree, Carly knew she wanted to conduct her own welfare research. In 2013, she completed a M.Sc. with the Animal Welfare Program at UBC. Her master’s research focused on laboratory mouse welfare, assessing and refining common methods of mouse euthanasia. After completing her M.Sc., Carly wanted to continue with animal welfare science with a move into the companion animal welfare realm. As a re-occurring adopter of geriatric shelter cats and an unwavering cat person, she has always been very interested in feline welfare. This passion led her to the University of Guelph to start a Ph.D. in animal behaviour and welfare under Dr. Lee Niel in September of 2014. Carly’s interests include the assessment and creation of identification tools for feline pain and stress, as well as the development of mitigation strategies. Carly is interested in improving feline welfare through applied research within a variety of settings, as well as exploring how other research methods and techniques may be utilized to assess and improve feline welfare.