Carrie Woolley


Carrie grew up on a dairy farm in Simcoe, Ontario where she developed a fascination and love for animals. An interest in high school for biology and health sciences lead her to begin the Biological and Medical B.Sc. program at the University of Western Ontario. However, her interest in animals led her to switch to the University of Guelph to finish her B.Sc. degree in Animal Biology in Spring 2011.

Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Carrie travelled to U of G's Alfred campus in Summer 2011 to begin her M.Sc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Her research project involves investigating the behavioural responses of dairy cows on pasture in response to pest fly species. More specifically, she looks at fly repelling behaviours such as skin twitching, tail flicking, leg stamping, head throwing, grazing time, milk production and stress.

Carrie also collects useful pest fly information, such as densities of specific pest fly species (face & house flies, horn flies, stable flies, deer & horse flies, stable flies) throughout the summer, and location of pest fly species on body (head, neck, back, sides, belly, legs, udder).


MSc. September 2013, thesis title: "Attack intensity of pest flies and the behavioural responses of pastured dairy cows".