Danielle Lombardi


Danielle is working with Dr. Renée Bergeron at campus d'Alfred. Her project is the first one in a series of studies examining the potential of two plants containing high levels of condensed tannins, namely chicory (Chichorium intybus, var. Puna) and birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus, var. Bull) for improving dairy cow performance and health.

The aim of the project is to understand cow feeding behaviour when exposed to these unfamiliar plant species. Voluntary feed intake, feeding rate and preference will be assessed for chicory haylage harvested in the am; chicory haylage harvested in the pm; birdsfoot trefoil harvested in the am; birdsfoot trefoil harvested in the pm.

Since quantities consumed by cows should be carefully controlled in order to avoid milk taint, knowing the voluntary feed intake and feeding rate of high tannin species will allow us to better manage cow’s access to “therapeutic pastures.”



MSc. Coursework, 2012, project title: "Effects of tanniferous forages on feeding preferences and voluntary feed intake of organic dairy cows in relation to harvest time".