Misha Ross

CCSAW Alumni - PhD

Thesis: Hens with Benefits: Enrichments’ Effects on Resilience in Laying Hens

Misha completed his PhD under the supervision of Georgia Mason, with the primary research goal of identifing behavioural and physiological indicators of positive emotions in chickens. Misha also identified environmental enrichments that are effective at inducing positive emotions and helping chickens cope with negative aspects of their environment.

Misha's MSc work was also under the direction of Georgia Mason’s, researching the welfare of mink dams on commercial farms. He investigated whether the addition of retreat bunks improved the health and welfare of dams late in the nursing period. The bunks provided dams with the opportunity to temporarily escape their kits. He originally became interested in the University of Guelph because of its influence on welfare reform in the poultry industry. He earned a BSc. in Animal Biology in 2008. Growing up on a small farm in southern Ontario, he is divided between his interests in carpentry, agriculture and animal welfare.