Morgan Overvest


Morgan grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Vankleek Hill, Ontario where she developed a passion for dairy cattle. From a young age she planned to attend the University of Guelph to pursue an education in large animal veterinary medicine.

In her third year of an Animal Biology degree, Morgan took Ian Duncan’s animal welfare class where she quickly developed a keen interest in the field of animal welfare. This interest led to a summer research assistantship in Trevor DeVries’ lab working on various feeding behaviour studies. In the fall of 2013 Morgan began a M.Sc degree in animal behaviour and welfare.

Morgan is currently investigating the milk-weaning success of dairy calves fed a high plane of nutrition. This research will contribute to the development of better weaning protocols and calf feeding practices. Morgan hopes to use her degree along with her farming background to work with producers to develop protocols that increase animal welfare in dairy farming.