Tanya Wilson


Tanya is an MSc thesis student, who began her program in May, 2015. She grew-up on a dairy farm and completed a BSc in Animal Biology (U of Guelph). Her interest in research began with a summer research experience related to dairy cattle nutrition, supported by the OMAFRA – U of Guelph Partnership. Tanya went on to complete two research projects in the final year of her undergraduate program. She always had a special interest for animal behaviour, and welfare topics, which prompted her to seek for graduate studies in these fields. Tanya’s research is examining automated milk feeding systems for rearing dairy calves, with a focus how calves learn to use the feeders. The applied goal of this research is to determine optimum methods for introducing calves into group-housing with automated feeders to make training calves easier for the calves, and the farmers. Tanya’s project is funded by the Dairy Farmers of Canada through the Dairy Research Cluster, and the Canadian Agri-Science Cluster Initiative.