Graduate Positions Available

PhD position: Effects of vehicle design, transport and handling conditions, and market weight on animal welfare and carcass and meat quality of pigs
This research program on swine transportation aims at evaluating 1) the effects of transporting pigs to slaughter using three different trailer models under different climate conditions and distances on animal welfare and carcass and meat quality; 2) the effects of space allowance during transport under different climate conditions on animal welfare and carcass and meat quality in pigs of two market weights; 3) the effects of handling conditions at loading on the ease of handling and physiological response in pigs of two market weights. A PhD studies position is offered to work on several aspects of these studies.  See PDF for pig transport PhD position.

PhD position: The long distance transportation of beef cattle
Funding is available to pay a PhD student stipend over the next few years, beginning as soon as possible. The student will register and be based in the Department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. During their PhD training they will acquire expertise in the areas of applied ethology, animal welfare science, and epidemiology.  The emphasis of the funded project involves exploring the impact of long-distance transportation on cattle, with some emphasis on the impacts of unloading the cattle during long journeys, to provide them with feed, water, and rest.  See PDF for beef cattle long distance transport PhD position.