MSc by Coursework Projects

The M.Sc. by coursework specializing in animal welfare is the first in North America to equip students to meet the needs of the various animal industries, by providing a solid foundation in animal welfare science and ethics, combined with practical training and experience that can be applied immediately upon graduation.

The program combines a core of graduate courses in animal welfare science with selected electives complementing students' area of interest. Students also complete a supervised major paper, which builds specialized knowledge and provides hands-on experience.

All Core Faculty members can supervise students for the MSc by coursework

If you are interested in an MSc specializing in Animal Behaviour and Welfare please consult these Frequently Asked Questions. Specific information on the program's course curriculum can be found here: Course Curriculum.

MSc by coursework projects by year

N. Germanakos. 2016.
Feeding enrichment of two captive African lion (Panthera leo) prides and the correlation between time spent chewing and critical facial muscle temperature

J. Espinosa Grossman. 2016.
Effects of owner training on owner assessment of fear behaviour in companion dogs

N. Hill. 2016.
The Current Status of Equine Rescue Facilities in Ontario

A. Armstrong. 2016.
A Focus Farm approach to motivate dairy farmers to improve animal care and welfare

L. Serpa. 2016.
Assessing the effectiveness of two non-penetrating captive bolt devices for on-farm euthanasia for broiler breeders

M. Callon. 2016.
Canine palatability assessment of animal and vegetable ingredient based diets using single-pan tests and behavioural observation

K. Dicker. 2015.
Effects of previous housing and social environment on the behaviour of dairy heifers on pasture

A. Saunders. 2015.
Assessing the existence of a critical period for the learning of grazing behaviour in dairy heifers

G. Mainardes. 2015.
Effect of social feeding environment on the feeding behaviour of dairy cows and their willingness to consume a novel feed

P. Galdamez. 2015.
The basking behaviour of Canada's most endangered frog: The Oregon Spotted Frog, Rana pretiosa

M. Atkinson. 2015.
Evaluation of the effect of umbilical hernias on performance and play behaviours in growing pigs

B. Kok. 2015.
The effects of feliway on post-translocation stress in tigers (Panthera tigris).

J. Robertson. 2015.
Developing field methods to noninvasively monitor adrenal function in North American river otters (Lontra Canadensis)

S. Pond. 2015.
Are stereotypic mice impaired in social learning tasks?

J. Hatch. 2015.
Validating indicators of heat stress in mink

M. Trotter. 2015.
The effects of acute noise on shrew mortality

L. Nakonechny. 2015.
Current perceptions and usage of artificial aids by horse enthusiasts in Canada

A. Stellato. 2015.
Assessment of fear-related behaviours displayed by companion dogs (Canis familiaris) in response to social and non-social stimuli

M. Speirs. 2015.
Early socialization improves the ability of pet dogs, Canis familiaris, to use social referencing with a stranger in an object-choice task

E. Mosco. 2015.
The effect of alternative feeding strategies during rearing on the physiology of broiler breeders

A. HabinsL. 2015.
Development of perching behavior in 3 strains of pullets reared in furnished cages

L. Glenny. 2014.
Enriched environments and exposure protocols for young puppies of 7 to 12 weeks

R. Stortz. 2014.
Can you lead a cow to water, and can you make it drink? Effects of running water on drinking behaviour in Bos taurus cattle rested during transport

S. Leblanc. 2014.
Impact of production disease on the balancing skills of laying hens on perches

N. Verghese. 2014.
Exploring veterinary staff-animal interactions and their associations with dog's behaviours during veterinary appointments: observations of video recorded appointments in 23 veterinary clinics in Southern Ontario

N. Amar. 2014.
Human emotional cues and their effect on canine judgement bias

M. King. 2014.
Effect of timing of feed delivery on the behavior and productivity of lactating dairy  cows

L. Harper. 2014.
The effects of environmental enrichment on social behaviour and social learning in laboratory mice

V. Beaudoin-Reichmann. 2014.
Correlation of rider leg length to position

M. Zhu. 2014.
Exploring veterinary staff-animal interactions and their associations with cat's behaviours during veterinary appointments: observations of video recorded appointments in 23 veterinary clinics in Southern Ontario

E. Germain. 2014.
Auditory startle response as an indicator of fearfulness in laying hens

H. Prinold. 2014.
Effects of pullet rearing conditions on adjustment to furnished cages in laying hens

S. Dykeman. 2013.
Thermoreulation in Asian elephants: A comparison between adults and juveniles

A. Gotziaman. 2013.
Comparative thermoregulation of the Indian and White rhinoceros

A. Patterson. 2013.
Assessing the efficacy of olfactory enrichment in captive polar bears

S. Deelen. 2013.
Evaluation of behavioural and physiological parameters during treatment of respiratory disease in dairy heifer calves

S. Nicholson. 2013.
Perception of roping calf well-being before, during and after "The Show"

B. Lostracco. 2013.
Behaviour and welfare of broiler breeder pullets reared on different feeding schedules

C. Roehrig. 2013.
Effect of hatch age on turkey poult mortality and feeding behaviour

S. Palacio. 2013.
Use of portable shade structures by dairy cows at pasture during a Canadian summer

E. Shepley. 2013.
Efficacy of birdsfoot trefoil as preventative treatment for gastrointestinal nematodes in organic dairy heifers

A. Nace. 2013.
Efficacy of synthetic pheromone 'Feliway' to mitigate post-operative and relocation stress in tigers

C. Dubois. 2013.
The physiological effects of two-stage weaning in horses

M. Lam. 2012.
The effects of lidocaine and meloxicam on piglets during and post-castration

D. Lombardi. 2012.
Effects of tanniferous forages on feeding preferences and voluntary feed intake of organic dairy cows in relation to harvest time

M. Buob. 2012.
Improving the housing of nursing mink dams to benefit their welfare

B. Storey. 2012.
Relation of feeding and social behaviours to feed efficiency in beef cattle

M. Toner. 2012
The relationship between veterinary and owner behaviour and the level of fear in cats during routine physical examinations in a clinical setting

E. Herwig. 2012.
Do scratch mats in large furnished cages really work for laying hens?

M. Petrik. 2012.
Keel bone status and other measures of animal welfare in commercial flocks of laying hens in Ontario

J. Santos Da Silva. 2012.
Perching behaviour of laying hens in large furnished cages



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