Our students conduct high calibre animal welfare research and typically publish a thesis plus several peer reviewed publications in various journals.  Theses are listed below.


M. Hunniford, PhD thesis. 2017.
The nesting behaviour of laying hens in large furnished cages

K. Morrissey, PhD thesis. 2017.
The effect of dietary alterations on growth, productivity, behaviour and preference of broiler breeder females

H. Dalton, PhD thesis. 2017.
The relationships between the performance of injurious pecking and behavioural and physical traits in domestic turkeys

M. Robichaud, PhD thesis. 2016.
Prevalence and effects of management practices around calving on the health, behaviour, and productivity of Holstein dairy calves

T. Casey, PhD thesis. 2016.
Opportunities for exercise during pullet rearing: effects on bone health and keel bone damage in laying hens

M. Walker, PhD thesis. 2016.
Validating methods that promote reduction and refinement in laboratory animal science

J. Stryker, PhD thesis. 2016.
Behaviour assessment and thermal imaging of large Felids with a focus on thermoregulatory behaviour, zoo microclimatic landscape design for thermal comfort and core body temperature detection methods

J. Jacobs, PhD thesis. 2016.
Understanding Canine Resource Guarding Behaviour: A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach

W. Sanchez, PhD thesis. 2015.
What does it feel like to be a bat? Searching for ways to investigate conscious emotion in non-human animals

H. McDonald Kinkaid, PhD thesis. 2015.
Species-Level Determinants of Stereotypic Behaviour, Reproductive Success, and Lifespan in Captive Parrots (Psittaciformes) 

J. Ahloy Dallaire, PhD thesis. 2015.
Investigating the Functions of Rough-and-Tumble Play in American Mink, Neovison vison

E. Miller-Cushon. PhD thesis. 2014.
Expression and development of feeding behaviour in dairy calves

M. Diez Leon. PhD thesis. 2014.
Effects of environmental enrichment on stereotypic behaviour and reproductive success in American mink Neovison vison

A. E. Ghane. PhD thesis. 2013.
Investigating the importance of Early Feeding (posthatch) and Proactive Incubation Profiling on Liveability and Early Performance of Turkey Poults

C. Todd. PhD thesis. 2013.
An investigation into the effects of free-access acidified milk replacer feeding programs on the productivity and welfare of the calf

N. C. Newby. PhD thesis. 2012.
Pain assessment and management after abdominal surgery or parturition in dairy cattle

J. Higginson Cutler. PhD thesis. 2012.
Welfare in dairy cattle: Epidemiologic approaches for detection and treatment of lameness

A. Greter. PhD thesis. 2012.
Towards understanding feeding motivation and management factors affecting feeding behaviour in limit-fed dairy heifers

R. Meagher PhD thesis. 2011.
The welfare significance of inactivity in captive animals, using mink as a model

A. Stanton. PhD thesis. 2011.
An evaluation of the impact of management practices on the health
and welfare of dairy heifer calves

MSc & MA

R. Crossley, MSc thesis. 2017.
Effects and mitigation of competition for feed access on the behaviour of lactating dairy cows

M. Kozak, MSc thesis. 2016.
Improving aviary designs by observing locomotor development and determining navigational preferences

C. LeBlanc, MSc thesis. 2016.
Development of domestic fowl locomotion over inclined surfaces and use of anticipation strategies

J. Walsh, MSc thesis. 2016.
Evaluation of Methods for On-Farm Euthanasia of Commercial Meat Rabbits

A. Polanco, MSc thesis. 2016.
The Forms of Stereotypic Behaviour in Farmed Mink (Neovison vison)

A. Mitcham, MSc thesis. 2015.
Effect of Socialization on Impulsivity in the Domestic Dog

J. Kroshko, MSc thesis. 2015
Population-Level Risk Factors for Stereotypic Behaviour and Infant Mortality in Captive Carnivores

K. Lambert, MSc thesis. 2014.
Summarizing Reasons for Surrender and Stakeholder Perceptions within the Published Literature on Companion-animal Relinquishment

K. Anderson, MA thesis. 2014.
Hitched Horse, Milked Cow, Killed Pig”: Pragmatic Stewardship and the Paradox of Human/Animal Relationships in Southern Ontario, 1900-1920

A. Roberts, MSc thesis. 2014.
A comparison of three animal welfare assessment programs on Canadian swine farms

L. Levison, MSc thesis. 2013.
Pathogen indentification and incidence rates of clinical mastitis on organic and conventional dairy farms

T. Jones, MSc thesis. 2013.
Measurement of temperament in beef cattle and its relationships to animal production characteristics

A. Main, MSc thesis. 2013.
The effects of a gel mat stall surface on the lying behaviour of dairy cattle

H. Flint, MSc thesis. 2013.
Load characteristics and the behaviour of beef cattle unlaoded for feed, water and rest during long distance transportation in Canada

J. Fox, Msc thesis. 2013.
The effect of water sprinkling market pigs transported during summer on pig behaviour, gastrointestinal tract temperature and trailer micro-climate

M. Geiger, MSc thesis. 2013.
Exploring donkey welfare and positionality in Maun, Botswana

K. Hart, MSc thesis. 2013.
Effect of frequency of milking and feed delivery on the behavioural patterns and productivity of lactating dairy cows

A. Sova, MSc thesis. 2013.
Associations between herd-level feeding and housing management practices, ration characteristics and production of free-stall housed dairy cows

M. Watters, MSc thesis. 2013.
Association between standing and lying behaviour and udder health in free-stall housed, lactating dairy cows

C. Woolley, MSc thesis. 2013.
Attack intensity of pest flies and the behavioural responses of pastured dairy cows

Y. Lu, MSc thesis. 2013.
Consumer preference for eggs from enhanced animal welfare production systems: A stated choice analysis

N. Newby, PhD theis. 2012.
Pain assessment and management after abdominal surgery or parturition in dairy cattle

T. Casey, MSc thesis. 2012.
Effectiveness of a non-penetrating captive bolt for euthanasia of suckling and weaned piglets

J. Deming, MSc thesis. Farm- and cow-level effects on the behavioural patterns of dairy cows milked with automatic systems

K. Morrissey, MSc thesis. 2012.
The effect of dietary alterations on growth, productivity, behaviour and preference of broiler breeder females

R. Tenbergen, MSc thesis. 2012.
Investigation of the use of analgesics at the time of castration and tail docking and following parturition for improving performance and reducing pain in pigs

J. Zaffino, MSc thesis. 2012.
An evaluation of hock, knee, and neck injuries on dairy cattle in Canada

K. Bovey, MSc thesis. 2011.
An investigation into the behavioural and psysiological responses of swine to routine surgical procedures

J. Dallaire, MSc thesis. 2011.
The effects of environmental enrichment on abnormal repetitive behaviour in American mink

N. Ringgenberg, MSc thesis. 2011.
Impacts of social stress during gestation and environmental enrichment during lactation on the maternal behaviour of sows

B. Kitts, MSc thesis. 2010.
Effect of limit feeding on the feeding behaviour and growth of dairy heifers

A. Greter, MSc thesis. 2010.
Effect of feeding method on the learning of feeding behaviour in growing dairy heifers