Our students conduct high calibre animal welfare research and typically publish a thesis plus several peer reviewed publications in various journals. Some recent theses are liisted below, and all theses defended since 2011 are available via the Atrium


S. Croyle, PhD thesis. 2020.
Steps towards understanding the consistently high prevalence of lameness and hock injuries on Canadian dairy farms

Z. Liu, PhD thesis. 2019.
The Effects of Environmental Enrichment on the Health, Behaviour, and Welfare of Fast-Growing Broilers

C. Nash, PhD thesis. 2019.
An Investigation into Dairy Cow Welfare in Canada: A Cow and a Human Perspective

A. Arrazola, PhD thesis. 2018.
The Effect of Alternative Feeding Strategies for Broiler Breeder Pullets throughout the Production Cycle

M. Ross, PhD thesis. 2018.
Hens with Benefits: Enrichments’ Effects on Resilience in Laying Hens

C. Medrano-Galarza, PhD thesis. 2018.
Adoption, Use, and Management of Automated Milk Feeders for Group-housed Dairy Calves

I. Robles, PhD thesis. 2018.
The Impact of Dairy Resting Area on Hygiene, Lying Behavior, and Milk Quality

C. DuBois, PhD thesis. 2017.
Welfare in the Canadian Equine Industry: Understanding Perceptions and Pilot Testing of An On-Farm Assessment Tool

D. Renaud, PhD thesis. 2017.
Why do some calves die and others thrive? An investigation of risk factors impacting male calf health in Ontario

M. King, PhD thesis. 2017.
Lameness and Health Disorders in Cows Milked in Automated Systems

M. Hunniford, PhD thesis. 2017.
The nesting behaviour of laying hens in large furnished cages

K. Morrissey, PhD thesis. 2017.
The effect of dietary alterations on growth, productivity, behaviour and preference of broiler breeder females

H. Dalton, PhD thesis. 2017.
The relationships between the performance of injurious pecking and behavioural and physical traits in domestic turkeys

M. Walker, PhD thesis. 2016.
Validating Methods that Promote Reduction and Refinement in Laboratory Animal Science

M. Robichaud, PhD thesis. 2016.
Prevalence and effects of management practices around calving on the health, behaviour, and productivity of Holstein dairy calves

T. Casey, PhD thesis. 2016.
Opportunities for exercise during pullet rearing: effects on bone health and keel bone damage in laying hens

M. Walker, PhD thesis. 2016.
Validating methods that promote reduction and refinement in laboratory animal science

J. Stryker, PhD thesis. 2016.
Behaviour assessment and thermal imaging of large Felids with a focus on thermoregulatory behaviour, zoo microclimatic landscape design for thermal comfort and core body temperature detection methods

J. Jacobs, PhD thesis. 2016.
Understanding Canine Resource Guarding Behaviour: A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach

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MSc & MA

S. Decker, MSc thesis. 2019.
Welfare benefit from enrichment provision schemes in American mink (Neovison vison)

A. Adcock, MSc thesis. 2019.
Lousy house, grouchy mouse: Assessing the effects of standard barren housing on laboratory mouse sociability and attractiveness

K. Scott, MSc thesis. 2019.
Investigating health abnormalities of calves arriving at a veal facility and their association with mortality, morbidity, and growth

S. Larson, MSc thesis. 2019.
Identification of genetic markers for stress responsiveness and meat quality in Canadian Yorkshire pigs

Stuart Burdett, MSc thesis. 2019.
Exploring the Relationships Between Behavioural Responses to Stress and Performance, Carcass Composition, Energy Expenditure and Macronutrient Oxidation in Restrict Fed Female Yorkshire Pigs

E. Nip, MSc thesis. 2018.
The Long-Term Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Agonism in Female C57BL/6, DBA/2, and BALB/c Mice

M. Bandeli, MSc thesis. 2018.
Why does natural home range size predict captive Carnivora welfare?

A. Moorman, MSc thesis. 2018.
Assessment of culled dairy cows on farm, and at livestock auction markets in Ontario

C. Winder, DVSc thesis. 2017.
Towards a Better Understanding of the Effects of Current Pain Mitigation Practices and Potential Avenues of Change for the Disbudding of Dairy Calves

T. Wilson, MSc thesis. 2017.
Learning behaviour and observed feeding patterns of dairy calves group-housed and fed using an automatic milk feeder

R. Crossley, MSc thesis. 2017.
Effects and mitigation of competition for feed access on the behaviour of lactating dairy cows

T. Wilson, MSc thesis. 2017.
Learning behaviour and observed feeding patterns of dairy calves group-housed and fed using an automatic milk feeder

A. Polanco, MSc thesis. 2016
The Forms of Stereotypic Behaviour in Farmed Mink (Neovison vison)

E. Belage, MSc thesis. 2016.
Impediments to adoption of recommended milking practices by Canadian dairy farmers

R. Crossley, MSc thesis. 2016.
Effects and mitigation of competition for feed access on the behaviour of lactating dairy cows

L. Wormsbecher, MSc thesis. 2016.
An outdoor method of housing dairy calves in pairs using individual calf hutches

N. Franco-Gendron, MSc thesis. 2016.
Investigation of Dairy Cattle Ease of Movement on New Methyl Methacrylate Resin Aggregate Floorings

M. Kozak, MSc thesis. 2016.
Improving aviary designs by observing locomotor development and determining navigational preferences

C. LeBlanc, MSc thesis. 2016.
Development of domestic fowl locomotion over inclined surfaces and use of anticipation strategies

J. Walsh, MSc thesis. 2016.
Evaluation of Methods for On-Farm Euthanasia of Commercial Meat Rabbits

A. Polanco, MSc thesis. 2016.
The Forms of Stereotypic Behaviour in Farmed Mink (Neovison vison)

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