Undergraduate Programs

While majoring in animal welfare is not an option at the undergraduate level, interested undergraduate students are encouraged to take courses that emphasize animal welfare. Students wishing to pursue original research have the option of taking an independent study course during their last year of study. These include Research in Animal Biology – (ANSC*4700 & 4710), or Research Projects in Agriculture (AGR*4450 & AGR*4460), wherein students complete a major paper on a specific animal welfare topic. Both courses provide excellent research experience prior to undertaking graduate studies in animal welfare.

Opportunities for undergraduates also include working on research projects through the work-study program or a summer student program such as the Undergraduate Student Experiential Learing Program.  They may also participate in outreach, seminars and discussion groups by joining the CCSAW Student Chapter. Valuable experience can also be gained by representing the University of Guelph at the annual Animal Welfare Judging Competition. For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact us.