Andre Arsenault

André Arsenault
Andre is a research scientist with the Southern Interior Forest Region. He is a collaborator on projects related to fire and western spruce budworm, and doesn't get half the respect he deserves.

Aaron Berg

Aaron Berg
Aaron does not play basketball, but he does know a lot about soil moisture.

Lori Daniels

Lori Daniels
Lori runs the UBC tree-ring lab, and is a collaborator on fire history in the Kootenays.

Andy Gordon

Andy Gordon
Andy is our sugar maple and earthworm guru.  He also runs the agroforestry research project, but would really prefer to be driving his tractor.


Heather Hager
Heather plays the bagpipes by night, and fights prejudice against invasive species by day.  She’s like a superhero, only without the spandex or fan following.  We are collaborating with her to better understand the potential invasiveness of biofuels under climate change scenarios.


Jochen Halfar
Jochen runs the Paleoclimate and Geobiology research group at the University of Toronto, and is a collaborator on the Eocene paleoclimate project.  He tried to bring Ze’ev up to the arctic, but Air Canada had other plans.

Larson and Kelly

Doug Larson & Pete Kelly
Doug is the official guitar builder for the lab, and Pete is the official photographer. They also core thousand-year-old trees on cliff faces and underwater in their spare time.


Katrina Moser
Katrina works at the University formerly known as UWO.  She studies paleo water quality, which helps us get funding.  We’re big fans of Katrina.


Ryan Norris 
Sooner or later every biogeographer needs to work on birds.  Ryan is our bird guy.  He’s also been on Quirks and Quarks at least twice, so we’re happy to hitch our cart to his horse.

Marlow Pellatt

Marlow Pellatt
Marlow works for Parks Canada, and Simon Fraser University. Like (apparently) all palynologists he is impervious to photons that have passed through the windshield of a car

Mike Pisaric

Mike Pisaric
Mike is a collaborator on our paleofire research.  He is either at Brock University or Carelton University.  We need to take a core sample and cross-date it to know for sure.  He is the boss of the Carleton University Paleoecological Laboratory.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith
Dan is the director of the University of Victoria Tree-Ring Laboratory, and is a long-term collaborator on a wide range of projects - including the dendroecology of Garry oak savannas, and disturbance interactions in mixed-severity fire regimes.

Redwood OaksLake Yamdrok from Kamba La Pass, Tibet,


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